Top 5 Things to do in a South Indian Vacation

Top 5 Things to do in a South Indian Vacation

India, with its ample natural tourist attractions, and thrilling adventitious spots, is always a great hotspot of tourism. South India,  with its impressive and magnificent states, is no exception to it.

Beautifully flanked between the Western ghats and the Eastern Ghats, each region of South India has a unique personality, exceptional flavour that is never lost, and never loses its reflection of culture.

The resilient and mesmerizing land leaves anyone astonished with what it has to offer – people of myriad cultures, languages, religions, busy and crowded tech hubs, ancient architectural epitomes, spirituality brimming temples, peaceful nature, and much more to add on.

Best Activities to enjoy at South Indian Vacation

South Indian vacations would surely make one’s heart pomp with energy, mind to be enthusiastic and joyful, and converts one into a storyteller with full of lively memories.

Though South India is best in all the times round the clock and offers nothing less than the best, too, a typical South Indian Vacation shouldn’t miss a few things.

These below mentioned are few of the must-dos that one should never miss out in the South Indian Vacation. The top five things are:

1. Heritage Heavens

History is always incredible. It lets one understand the processes humans went through to be in the position; we are today. The history of legacy of kings, empires, the rise and fall of dynasties are extra special and leaves anyone wondered about their capacities, diversities, reign, and vibrance.

South India is dazzling with many heritage heavens like Mysore Palace, which is impressively lit up every Sunday evening.

Also, the marks of every dynasty are visibly found even today with the temples they built and crafts they sculpted – that include beautiful Meenakshi Temple( Madurai) and Tanjore Temple in Thanjavur. 

UNESCO sites like Mahabalipuram and Hampi are yet another fantastic heritage proclaimers.

2. Houseboat

Water always amazes me. South India(Kerala) offers tranquil experiences of staying in the houseboats by enjoying the calm and humid breeze, the breathtaking views, and the peace amongst the backwaters.

Busy and highly used labyrinth of water channels offers great and leisurely trips in houseboats and fishing and cooking it in the local style aboard one’s boat.

Also, eating the local fruits and rejuvenating oneself with a proper and rejuvenating Ayurveda treatment amidst the comfort of one’s boat can be truly magical. Experience all these at one go!

3. Southern Landscapes

Landscapes are always astounding, amazing, and enchanting. Every region of South India welcomes visitors with beautiful panoramic views in all directions.

Be it the tall peaks in the Western Ghats, mist-laden Ooty hills, traditional and age-old toy train, calm and solitary lakes, and continuous stretches of simply superb rolling plains.

The mighty Athirapally Waterfalls of Kerala, Avalanche Lake near Ooty, jungles around Coorg, lush coffee estate, and plantations of Munnar are also everlasting memories that can be found nowhere.

4. Wildlife Wonders

Safariing through South in the wild and having special evenings with bonfires at safari lodges can be the best part of South Indian Vacations.

Friendly accommodation in the middle of the wilderness, viewing exotic and endemic species of South India’s bewildering national parks like Bandipur are literally, delighting and unique to South India.

Spotting deers, bison, elephants, and visually finding them run near one can be utterly amazing and a great experience for nature lovers and be it anyone else. 

5. Golden Beaches

Beaches are coral jewels, precious with incredible natural resources like the sea, sand, corals, waves, and human-made like shops, edibles, etc. South India has numerous golden coral jewels – Marari Beach, Marina Beach, Gokarna, Neeleshwar, and are more significant local alternatives to the ones in  Goa.

These are paradises on Earth with their mesmeric charm of blue waters merging with the sky at the horizon and golden sand.

The Final note

The general warmth, friendliness, and hospitality, along with the natural beauty, and human sculptures of South India are something highly precious! Never miss out on any of the unique experiences of South India, like those mentioned above.

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