Top 5 Health benefits of strawberry juice for Erectile Dysfunction

Top 5 Health benefits of strawberry juice for Erectile Dysfunction

Strawberries are bright red, delicious and juicy fruit full of antioxidants. The juice of strawberries is considered one of the healthiest for its nutrients value and health benefits. A glass of juice daily can fulfil the need for vitamin C, manganese, potassium and folate.

Though fruit strawberry is sweet, it has a low ranking on the glycemic index, which shows the sugar content of the fruit. The low ranking on the scale makes strawberry juice risk free for a diabetic.

The main content of the juice is water, carbohydrates and protein in smaller quantities. The fat in juice is very low, which is not a risk factor for even obese. Let us study the health benefits of strawberry juice.

1. Health benefits

Strawberry juice supports skin health, keeps blood pressure down, boosts the circulation of blood in the body, boosts the immune system and regulates blood sugar levels.

The potassium in strawberry juice lowers blood pressure. It relaxes the blood vessels, which help the blood to move smoothly, thus reducing the pressure on the blood vessel walls.

With this action, the juice prevents hypertension, lower the risk of heart attacks, and damage of high blood pressure to walls. It is this function of juice, which makes it an excellent choice for males with lower blood flow towards the pelvic area.

The lower blood flow leads to erectile dysfunction in males. Strawberry juice by increasing blood flow by relaxing blood vessels acts as natural Sildenafil citrate 150 mg, the dose doctors prescribed to males with severe erection issues.

The iron content in the juice also makes it easy to carry oxygen and nutrients from food to different cells in the body. The iron content in blood carries oxygen supply to the body organs for smooth function.

2. Check on diabetes levels

The dietary fiber of strawberry regulates blood sugar levels. The regular consumption of juice lowers the sudden spike and low sugar level, which can be a serious issue for a diabetic.

However, the juice should retain the fiber content of the fruit to get the benefit of dietary fiber. This is why an online team of doctors from recommends fresh juice or homemade juice to get the full benefit from any fruit juices including strawberry juice.

3. Checks the growth of cancer

The nutrient value of strawberry juice boosts the defence against cancer. It gives tremendous support to the cancer-fighting ability of the body.

Vitamin C, phytonutrients, folic acid and ellagic acid, in the juice, play an important role in fighting diseases. Online doctors of suggest frozen strawberry and strawberry extracts for making juice if fresh fruit is not available.

They ensure that the nutrients value of the frozen version remains intact. Daily consumption of the juice lowered breast cancer risk in women in a study.

3. Healing

Vitamin C, ellagic acid, minerals in strawberry juice enhance the healing process. It helps to reduce the healing time from injuries, surgery and illness.

4. Keep skin supple

The juice will keep your skin free from wrinkles. It supports the production of collagen, which keeps skin elastic and hydrated.

It is in blood vessels, bones and muscles. As we age, the existing collagen breaks down and the body cannot replenish it.

The ellagic acid in juice prevents the collagen from breaking down. So, the juice will keep skin smooth and prevent ageing sign.

5. Boost heart health

By lowering blood pressure, cutting the risk of cholesterol in blood vessels and preventing damage to blood vessels, strawberry juice reduces the strain on the heart. It directly improves the function of the heart.

It also makes it easy to get the flow diverted to the male organ with adequate stimulation.

Males facing erectile dysfunction are suggested to increase the intake of foods that increase blood flow towards the male organ. One of these foods is strawberries.

Males, who are using Generic Levitra 40 mg for severe cases, can reduce the need for a healthy diet including fresh fruits, nuts and strawberries.


Strawberry juice is one of the healthiest juices. Go ahead and pamper your body and taste buds with this juice.

During these coronavirus times, you need immunity boosters and healthy juices instead of relying on unhealthy snacks.

But avoid packed juices or canned strawberry. Frozen strawberry is the second-best option if a fresh one is not available in your place.


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