The Most Demanding Online Games to Play With Friends

The Most Demanding Online Games to Play With Friends

We live in unprecedented times, and like many other activities, hosting a game-night with all your friends around is not going to happen in the foreseeable future. Well, that does not mean you cannot have the same (almost) experience.

If there is one thing, we all can agree on, especially, during this time, is that online gaming is one good way to stay in touch or hang out with your friends. There is no better way than hanging out while playing your favorite games online.

Here are a few games that can provide you with the same experience as the physical game-night. The games mentioned here are not all free but is too good to pass by. There is something for the Adventure lovers, the geeks, and the nerds.

Board Games

Let’s begin with old-school games, something most of us would end up playing during the in-person game-nights. Most of the famous board and card games are available online these days.

Monopoly- The traditional game in all the in-house game party is now available online, and you can find them on Pogo.

However, you’ll have to create an account before starting the game. There are also a few other games that work easily in Pogo, like Yahtzee Party and for all the geeks out there, Scrabble.

  • Chess- Various sites offer you a free online chess game where you can play with friends or any real-time players. You can find one in Tabletopia.
  • Card Games- What’s a game night without card games? UNO is available everywhere, even on mobile play store.

The site ‘playing cards’ is one of the best when it comes to card games. There are different card games to choose from and the most famous, Checkers is also available here.

RPGs: If you like table-top, role-playing games, Roll20 is your friend. The site offers Hundreds of games including Pathfinder, Dungeons, and Dragons. Though these games are time-consuming, you’d end up having a great time.

Other Online Multiplayer Adventure Games:

If you are not into any of those above-mentioned games, here are a few adventures you can take with your friends.

Talking about the adventure games, you cannot get past without mentioning Fortnite.

In order to avoid, FOMO, you must try Call of Duty: Warzone, a game that is very popular at the moment and has gained millions of players during this quarantine. The pirate games are always fun and Sea of Thieves might get you going.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMO)

If you like to bond with thousands of people at the same time, MMO can get you the same experience, in fact, better. World of Warcraft Classic is still the one to beat when it comes to MMO.

There are also Final Fantasy XIV and Grand Theft Auto Online. Among the other current games, Bless Unleashed has made the world sit and take notice in recent times.

If you are a Star Wars geek, Star Wars: The Old Republic still works fine and is among the most-happening games even today.

Nowadays mobile games also become so popular because of the real multiplayer option.

In every category multiplayer game gating so much attention like in card game rummy game download day by day increases. Also, real sports game download increasing fast.

Cooperative games

If you do not want your night to get wild or if you don’t have a lot of time and would love to take things slow, the delightful Minecraft is always there. Animal Crossing: New Horizons might do the wonder for you and has just come out for Nintendo Switch.  

To add some humor and fun to your night, you can always trust Jackbox Party Pack which is available in almost all the console and PC gaming stores out there.

You can play these absurd party games with up to ten participants. To make your work easier, the Jackbox games have recently released a tutorial explaining how to play its game online via video call.

Apart from all these games, there are a few other wonderful trivia games like This Is Your World, Quiz Up and of course, Drawful 2- a hilarious Pictionary game.

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