Six Popular Engagement Rings Trends In 2020

Six Popular Engagement Rings Trends In 2020

The wedding season is near, and you are likely to see your Instagram feed getting flooded with countless jewelry designs, and wedding dresses, etc.

If you are planning to get married this season, you would indeed want to know the most popular trends about engagement rings out there.

You and your partner might already have a dream ring picked out, or you might have merely started talking about what your ring should like. Nonetheless, before you take the first #Bridesrings selfie, you would want to be up-to-date with the latest trends in jewelry.

So your selfie, as well as your ring, both turn out to be perfect as well as trendy. Below are

The most popular engagement rings trends in 2020    

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1. Yellow Gold

You will witness a strong comeback of yellow gold in 2020. You can already see a lot of shining gold on Instagram posts, and the metal that was once getting ignored is all set to make a significant return.

You will see many brides flaunting yellow gold with gorgeous stones. They look good on styles like floral engraved rings.

2. Oval-Shaped Diamonds 

Oval diamonds have been in the limelight for the last few years. Blake Lively gave even more fame to oval-shaped diamonds when she shared the pictures of her engagement rings. Many celebs like Hailey Bieber and Sarah Hyland got engaged with oval bling.

So, finger flattering ovals are your best choice for a trendy ring.  

3. Shift towards Transparency 

The younger brides-to-be and first of generation Z will trend the shift towards more transparent and sustainable jewelry.

People will focus on choosing engagement rings that reflect their personalities. Brides would be sharing genuine stories about how the ring got made and how valuable jewelry it is!

4. Bands That Set Apart 

While choosing the favorite diamond shapes, most brides will look for something outstanding when it comes to setting.

Designers have seen an increased demand for unique bands over single stone engagement rings. You will witness many modern yet unique band styles across the US. People love the bands that set apart and make them feel special. 

5. Unique is Famous 

According to the designer, more and more people are looking for unique rings, which give them a feeling of exclusiveness. You will see many rings with unusual yet attractive stones on it.

Emerald, black diamonds, modern shapes like open rings, and unique shaped diamonds will be on the rise in 2020.  They will be the prime choice for bridal diamond rings.

6. Multiple Stones 

Meghan Markle put the focus on the three-stone or multi-stone engagement rings with her pictures and since then, many brides got inspired to own the same type of ring.

2, 3, or 5 stone diamond rings will become popular in 2020. Multi-stone rings cover across the fingers with gemstones and look stunning with the right metal bands.  

To Conclude 

Those were the most popular engagement rings trends in 2020. The new-age millennials will be going after purchasing unique stones and bands that stand out.

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