Myths and Facts of Berries Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Myths and Facts of Berries Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Berries are considered the best fruit to overcome erectile dysfunction in males. Berries, nutritionists believe, clear the blood vessels and promote blood flow which overcomes erection issues. 

There is no direct relationship with the erection issue, but several health benefits help the males to cure the problem.

There are some medically certified benefits that come from the berries.  These are the presence of antioxidants in the berries that kill damaging free radicals.

The antioxidants encourage healthy blood arteries and smooth blood flow. The berries also encourage the increase of nitric oxide in the blood, which further enhances the erection process.

These benefits help a male with erection issues to get a natural cure. Let us study some myths and come to the right conclusion.

Myth – berries increase male power

Fact –berries promote blood circulation in the body by increasing the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels to create additional space for blood flow.

However, there is no proof that only berries can cure the erection problem. It may reduce the problem to some extent. You also need physical exercise, a healthy diet and other fruits to promote a healthy blood flow. 

Making berries part of your lifestyle can reduce the need for erection boosting drugs. But it takes time to get the result from natural remedies.

For quick results, doctors recommend Generic Cialis 60 mg, which starts the erection process in 60 minutes.

Myth – berries can cure every cause behind erectile dysfunction

Fact – berries will cut the risk of erectile dysfunction by 14 % according to a study. It will benefit those who have the right testosterone and libido levels to get the advantage of the rise in blood flow.

Those who are depressed and suffering from some emotional issue may not get the same benefit. In fact, there will be no benefit to them, because smooth blood flow towards the pelvic area is not the only criteria for an erection.

Physical stimulation is also required for an erection and that comes when the mind also participates in the election process.

Myth – berries improve male sexual health

Fact –berries, including blackberries, blueberries, cherries, contain anthocyanin and antioxidants, which ensure flexibility and health of blood vessels. It prevents the hardening of vessels and also encourages the production of nitric oxide. It creates conditions for a normal blood flow.  But the final erection depends on the male and his arousal level. As mentioned, male with low libido may not get the benefit from a smooth blood flow. 

Myth – berries boost desire for an intimate session

Fact- berries will only ensure blood flow without any obstruction in the body. The berries can remove any deposits of cholesterol or plaque in arteries to create smooth blood flow, but desire comes from a higher libido, which comes from eating certain foods and nuts. 

Take care of libido

Erectile dysfunction is a complex process involving physical, mental and emotional aspects. A man must have the thought in mind which triggers the central nervous system.

The intimate thought also releases the blood flow towards the pelvic area, when neurotransmitters trigger the central nervous system to release blood.

All parts have to work smoothly to ensure an erection. The desire happens when a man has a sufficient libido. Without a good libido, the desire for intimacy may not emerge.

And some males have low testosterone, which affects libido levels. No matter what is the level of blood flow, a man with a lower libido will never get an erection.

 A Man with lower libido or lack of interest in intimate life may not get sufficient benefit from just berries. Desire makes it easy to get an erection with physical stimulation, which is necessary even after taking sildenafil citrate 120mg.

Along with berries, a man needs food and vegetables, to generate energy, libido, produce enough testosterone and develop intimacy with the partner. Therefore, a man must have the desire for an intimate session to get the benefits from berries.


Berries are an excellent fruit to prevent the emergence of various health issues. They are packed with antioxidants to keep the risk of lifestyle diseases low. Take berries as part of a wider balanced diet with other fruits and vegetables for health benefits.

A healthy body will ensure a healthy and smooth erection process. Relying only on berries will not cure erectile dysfunction, as food is necessary to ensure proper libido and testosterone levels, which first create a desire for an intimate moment.

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