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Miraculous Trend In The History Of Indian Business Startups

Miraculous Trend In The History Of Indian Business Startups

Starting a successful business takes effort and immense dedication to achieve it. In India, the startup ecosystem has been gaining momentum, with many successful startups being founded through the "Make In India" initiative or by individuals leaving their jobs to start a new business venture.

Entrepreneurs in India are enthusiastic about establishing their businesses, and several factors support the growth of startups in the country. For instance, startups in India have easy accessibility to bank loans and fundraising, and the government promotes competitive and innovative business ideas.

Here are 18 successful Indian startups:

  1. 9Stacks - Founded by Sudhir Kamath, Pratik Kumar, Abhinav Nigam, and Rishab Mathur, 9Stacks is an online poker platform that brings together all poker lovers under one roof and offers easy accessibility for online bidding.
  2. - Founded by Ravi Shankar and Parikshit Paspulati, provides convenient and valuable banking services with human-touch conversational banking facilities.
  3. AEON Learning - Founded by Karthik KS and Vikalp Jain, AEON Learning is an online educational portal that offers valuable improvement in working professionals' skills while they work and pursue certifications.
  4. Airpay - Founded by Kunal Jhunjhunwala, Amit Kapoor, and Rohan Deshpande, Airpay provides a simple and secure platform for online money transactions for e-commerce shopping platforms and retail services.
  5. ALTBalaji - Founded by Balaji Telefilms, ALTBalaji is an on-demand entertainment platform that offers original shows and movies.
  6. Ask Arvi - Founded by Sushant Reddy and Alok Tiwari, Ask Arvi is an automatic system that helps individuals find valuable smartphone insurance plans based on their needs.
  7. Avishkaar Box - This platform allows students to create product simulators and explore their imagination, expanding their minds.
  8. Biryani By Kilo - Founded by Kaushik Roy, Ritesh Sinha, and Vishal Jindal, Biryani By Kilo is an online food delivery platform specialising in delicious, delicious, delicious biryani.
  9. Blowhorn - Founded by Nikhil Shivaprasad and Mithun Srivatsa, Blowhorn provides hassle-free transportation services at an affordable price.
  10. Boltt Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Founded by Aayushi Kishore and Arnav Kishore, Boltt Sports Technologies calculates fitness scores and monitors health to improve fitness.
  11. Boxx.Ai - Founded by Ajay Kashyap, Prakhar Raj, and Shitiz Bansal, Boxx.Ai provides advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence services to help businesses save time and money.
  12. Cash Suvidha - Founded by Anoop Garg and Rajesh Gupta, Cash Suvidha is a platform that funds individuals within three days based on their valuable ideas and needs.
  13. CallHealth - Founded by Sandhya Raju, CallHealth provides online healthcare services for individuals in India.
  14. Chimple Learning - Founded by Srikanth Talapadi, Chimple Learning uses amusing stories and games to help children learn new skills and achieve their future goals.
  15. Clip - Founded by Nav Agrawal, Clip is an Android application that allows users to watch and share funny videos.
  16. CoWrks - Founded by Sidharth Menda, CoWrks offers coworking spaces and essential facilities for startups in a prime location.
  17. CrediFiable - Founded by Presha Paragash, CrediFiable provides a valuable source.


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