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Types Of Digital Marketing You Need To Consider For Your Brand

Types Of Digital Marketing You Need To Consider For Your Brand

There are many types of traditional marketing strategies that are no longer as effective and efficient as they were.

The new era is of digital marketing as most of the target audiences of any business use technologies to search for products and services including millennials.

Digital marketing is the new buzzword we hear all the times and there are many branches of digital marketing that are used to reach out to the target audience.

If you hire a digital marketing Charlotte agency, they will offer a wide range of digital marketing services. However, for that, you need to know the types of digital marketing services.

This post discusses different types of digital marketing services in detail for your understanding. Let’s dive in!

1. Search engine optimization 

A very organic form of advertising, a search engine optimization strategy helps to get genuine and authentic leads and traffic to your website. In the long run, an effective SEO strategy can also help your brand to become an authoritative voice on the digital sphere.

It is not a paid campaign, but a free one where you need to focus on website optimization, content marketing and distribution, keyword research and optimization and other techniques to improve your ranks on search engine results.

Most of the digital marketing Charlotte agencies offer superior and customized SEO services.

2. Pay per click advertising 

Pay per click is the paid version of SEO and has the potential to bring quick results and that is the reason a PPC campaign runs by businesses who want instant results.

Here, you don’t need to optimize the website, but you need to bid for advertising space for relevant keywords you want to rank. Some of the aspects of a PPC campaign that a user should prioritize are:

  • Bid amount
  • Quality of advert
  • Formats and extensions
  • Expected ClickThrough Rate (CTR)

You must have seen those ads on the top of the Google search result page. These are PPC ads that instantly grab the user’s attention.

3. Social media marketing 

In the last decade, social media platforms have grown exponentially and it has given rise to a new form of digital marketing branch called social media marketing.

Here, some very influential social media platforms are used to promote the business such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

A well-drafted and executed social media marketing campaign can help you to reach out to your target audience in no time and at the same time, it allows interacting with them directly.

You can get instant reviews and feedback about your products and services and you can also solve their issues instantly.

4. Influencer marketing 

People love to follow influencers. For example, when it comes to filmmaking, people will surely follow what Martin Scorsese has to say about it. The same philosophy applies in this branch of digital marketing where influencers are hired to promote your products or services.

These influencers might be anyone from a reputed celebrity or an industry veteran or a famous YouTuber. They sometimes charge fees for posts or are available free too.

When influencers promote your product, your target audience will surely look at it as it came from the horse’s mouth. In recent times, most of the digital marketing Charlotte agencies are offering influencer marketing to the businesses.

5. Content marketing 

Content marketing is all about creating original, engaging and quality content and share it with your target audience with the help of different platforms to generate leads and sales.

From blogs to YouTube videos to tweets to press releases to infographics, content can be anything. The only condition is that it must be an original piece with relevant information that users are looking for.

When you create content, keep your audience in mind and message you want to convey. Also, look at the language, tone and use keywords in the content to boost your SEO.

6. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is like hiring a salesman on a commission basis. Whenever the salesman makes a closed deal, you pay him the commission that you and the affiliate had decided and agreed upon.

One of the most impressive aspects of affiliate marketing is that there is no upfront cost involved with it. You have to pay the commission to the affiliate only if they bring a deal to you.

There are many bloggers and e-commerce websites use affiliate marketing. Hire a digital marketing Charlotte agency if you want to pursue affiliate marketing for your business.


Your business cannot survive without a full proof digital marketing campaign. You can use one or more types of digital marketing services to increase leads and traffic to your website as per your budget and preferences.

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