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Know The Different Types of Lawyers So You Can Choose The Right One

Know The Different Types of Lawyers So You Can Choose The Right One

If you need a lawyer, the most common piece of advice you will hear is that you need to find one who specializes in what you need the lawyer for.

There are numerous types of lawyers, all with their areas of specialization and strengths. Each lawyer fulfills a specific need. Because there are so many types of lawyers, what are they and what do all these lawyers do?

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers are useful for clients who are facing financial crises and who are thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

The first thing they do is consult with their clients and talk to them about the pros and cons of declaring bankruptcy. They also help their clients look down the road to see whether filing for bankruptcy would be best for them in the long run.

Some bankruptcy lawyers also act as intermediaries, helping their clients come up with arrangements with their debtors on how best their creditors will be paid without additional charges to the clients.

Lastly, they guide clients who have decided to file for bankruptcy on the procedure and everything else they need to do. Their clients are either individuals or corporations.

Civil Litigation Lawyers

These are lawyers who go to court on behalf of their clients. Many of them are specialized in specific areas of the law such as personal injury law and corporate tax. These lawyers represent their clients in civil court where their clients might be the defendant or the plaintiff.

Some of the most common civil litigation cases they are involved in include contract disputes, property disputes, complaints against government bodies, and class action lawsuits.

Personal Injury Lawyers

While personal injury lawyers fall under the larger banner of civil litigation lawyers, they deserve a special mention. These are lawyers who represent people who have been injured due to the negligence of a third party.

Their clients can vary from individuals who tripped and fell, those who fell into an open elevator shaft, to people injured at job sites where proper fall protection was not put in place.

Personal injury lawyers often work on a contingency; they are not paid until their client is paid. They also negotiate out-of-court settlements for their clients, especially clients who do not want a drawn-out court process.

They can also negotiate for additional benefits, such as the employer taking care of all medical bills and providing additional training to an injured or disabled former employee.

Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers are lawyers who defend their clients against charges brought by the government. This could be in federal or state courts.

The best criminal lawyers understand everything there is to do with arraignment, arrests, bail, proof, evidence, and other related issues. Some common crimes that require a criminal lawyer include sexual battery, assault, and drug-related charges.

In some cases, these lawyers also defend the constitutional rights of their clients, especially if a violation of these rights can lead to an unfavorable criminal case outcome.

One of these rights is the protections afforded by the fourth amendment in the United States. These protections provide cover against unreasonable search and seizures such as frisking while walking down the street, home, and car searches.

If there is any evidence found through unreasonable search and seizure – where there is no warrant issued – the case can be thrown out. This is why it is so important to get in touch with lawyers who deal with unreasonable search and seizures cases such as Romanucci & Blandin who have success with these kinds of cases and can get evidence obtained this way thrown out.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

There are personal injury lawyers who specialize in cases where a client has been injured due to the negligence of a medical professional. These lawyers help their clients sue for compensation and will also negotiate for settlements out of the court if their client agrees to it.

There are numerous types of medical injuries and forms of medical malpractice that it is possible to find lawyers specializing in a small niche such as birth injuries.

Some common forms of medical malpractice include misdiagnosis, pharmaceutical mistakes, medical negligence, surgical errors, and others.

Medical malpractice lawyers also protect their clients from medical liens that can be placed on them due to unpaid medical bills.

DUI-DWI Lawyer

Both DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) are illegal, and this is why there are strict punishments for those who are charged with either. DUI and DWI lawyers work with clients who are charged to try to get their sentences reduced or expunged from the records.

Because of the complicated DUI and DWI laws in different states, you should find a lawyer who practices in your jurisdiction as they will understand the laws there much better. This improves the chances of them getting you a favorable outcome.

If you want the best outcome for a case or lawsuit, it is best to find a lawyer who specializes in a specific area of law. This lawyer will understand the nuances of your charges and the relevant laws and is thus the best option for getting you a favorable outcome.

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