How to Turn Off Work Offline in MS Outlook

How to Turn Off Work Offline in MS Outlook

If your Outlook application shows the status Disconnected, there are chances of Outlook working offline. Now, you can change the settings with ease and go online again.

Microsoft Outlook provides you with a feature to work offline without any internet connection. It is useful when you do not have an internet connection. It helps you access the emails and make suitable changes without connectivity. All the changes will be saved in the OST file and get updated as you go online.

If you have enabled this feature and want to disable it, you can do so with some simple steps. Before that, let us learn some other causes for not establishing the connection.

Why Are You Disconnected From The Server?

Apart from Outlook working offline, there are several other reasons for not having a suitable connection between the client and the server. The offline working feature allows you to open Outlook emails when you are disconnected. You can enable or disable this feature as per your requirement.

  • After disabling the Work Offline option, you can check the mail settings in the Outlook application. Any inappropriate detail may interrupt the connection.
  • When there is a fault in the internet connection, you will also encounter the problem. Without a good internet connection, the Outlook application can not sync to the server.
  • Sometimes, faulty add-ins hinder the Outlook application from connecting to the server. They change the application settings that create a problem in establishing the connection.

Now, let us learn the procedure to disable the Work Offline feature in Outlook.

Steps To Disable Outlook Working Offline

#1. Disable Work Offline Mode

The first solution to resolve the problem is by disabling the Work Offline option in Microsoft Outlook. Sometimes, this feature remains enabled that causes the issue of Outlook not connecting to the server. The procedure to go back online is simple.

  • Open the Outlook application and log in to your account.
  • Click on the Send/Receive option in the menu bar.
  • After that, press the Work Offline icon to disable the feature.

Note: If the Outlook Work Offline greyed out, it means the offline feature is enabled. You have disconnected from the exchange server.

#2. Add New Outlook Profile

If the above procedure to disable Outlook working offline fails, you can try adding a new Outlook profile. This technique is ideal when Outlook does not go online even after disabling the Outlook offline mode. The steps to create a new profile are below:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook in your system.
  • Click on the File option in the menu bar.
  • Select the Info tab and press the Account Settings icon.
  • After that, click on the Manage Profile option in the list.
  • A new wizard will appear. Click on the Show Profile button.
  • Now, press the Add button to add a new Outlook profile.

  • Fill in the profile name and click on the OK button.
  • Fill up the remaining details like email address and password. After the completion of synchronization, click on the Finish button to complete the setup.
  • Finally, check the Always use this profile and press the OK button.

The above are the methods to turn off Outlook working offline. This feature of MS Outlook helps you to manage your emails without an internet connection. All the modifications will get saved in the OST files that are fragile. So, you need to protect the information by using a professional solution.

Professional Tool

Cigati OST to PST Converter is an expert-recommended software that converts the OST files into PST and various other file formats. It helps you in protecting your valuable data stored in the OST files.

You can convert the files into any desired file format as per your need. The software has various unique features that facilitate migration. Besides that, the tool has an interactive user interface so any user can convert the OST files.


The Outlook offline feature of Outlook helps access the Outlook mails without the internet. But sometimes, this creates trouble in establishing a connection between the client and the server.

So, you need to turn off Outlook working offline. When working offline, all the changes you made will get stored in the OST files. Cigati OST Converter is an easy-to-use software for converting the fragile OST file to another file format.

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