How to Sleep Well During the Hottest Nights

How to Sleep Well During the Hottest Nights

There is nothing as unpleasant and uncomfortable as a hot, sticky night. It can make falling asleep nearly impossible and, as a result, sour the next day.

This is especially troublesome for business owners, who often have to wear many different hats throughout the day. Thankfully, there are tricks to help you sleep even on the hottest of nights, some of which are presented below by StarsUntold.

Keep Bed Linen Cool

One effective technique to challenge hot-night restlessness is to put your sheets in the freezer before bed. It may sound strange, but the cooling effect is pleasant, and while it might not last all night, it can help you fall asleep.

There are also cooling sheets and bed pads you can buy to stop your body temperature from spiking during your sleep cycle.

As a rule, look for fabrics that are breathable and wick away sweat, like Linenly bamboo bed sheets, to prevent you from feeling like you’re swimming in a swamp. Just be sure you compare the different bed sheets, products and reviews to find exactly what bed sheets you need.

Use Your Fans

Fans are vital to any arsenal, as they ensure temperatures stay low at night. Of course, you may need to update the direction your ceiling fan turns since counter-clockwise rotations can draw hot air up and away from you.

If you’re uncertain, stand directly beneath the fan to feel the air current. If you cannot feel movement, then it’s spinning in the wrong direction.

Likewise, you should put a box fan in your window to circulate air. At night, aim the fan so it draws cooler air in from the outside, and during the day, turn it around so it pushes hot air out of the home.

Create a Relaxing Space

Sometimes, all it takes to survive a warmer night is a relaxing environment. If you’re feeling stressed out on top of everything else, you’re only compounding the problem.

So, take steps to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. For starters, make sure the space is decluttered and calming; clutter creates stress, so do your best to stay organized. Then, change up the decor to create a more relaxing environment.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

If you have an HVAC, you must maintain it so that it continues working hard in the worst weather. Luckily, it’s easy to do so yourself just by swapping out filters regularly and keeping your particular unit free of leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris.

If you have an outdoor model, always ensure that it has about two feet of clear space to avoid things from slipping inside. Most importantly, you must get your machine inspected annually, ideally before the hottest months, so that it is in peak condition when needed the most.

Hydrate to Stay Cool

Unfortunately, dehydration can lead our bodies to overheat. While you don’t want to drink too much water before bed, you should have a small glass before you hit the hay. Not only will the temperature itself help you to cool off, but staying hydrated will also stop your body from overheating.

Similarly, avoid anything that could cause dehydration, which may mean skipping wine in the evening since alcohol can dry out our systems.

Eat Appropriately

You may notice your body temperature rises after you eat certain foods, so it’s best to avoid them on hotter nights. For instance, foods that are difficult to digest, like root vegetables, cause spikes thanks to the energy that our digestive systems release.

Likewise, dishes that are hot in temperature and spicy can make it difficult for our bodies to cool off for bed, so eat lightly.

Drop Your Tech

Many of us love technology, and yes, it can make our lives much easier, but it may also cause the temperature in our homes to rise. In fact, a single device could cause a jump anywhere from five to 15 degrees, and where they are located can often affect how you sleep. So, well before bed, turn off and unplug bigger devices, including the computer, laptop, and television, to cool your nights and help you sleep better.

Warm weather brings with it many wonderful things, from beach trips to dips in the pool. However, it’s hard to enjoy these activities when we sleep poorly thanks to the very heat we enjoy during the day. Don’t let a bad night of sleep ruin your day!

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