How to Migrate Data from EML to PDF

How to Migrate Data from EML to PDF

Are you having a bunch of EML files, which you want to export in PDF format? Do you want a proper solution for how to migrate data from EML to PDF file format?

If you are looking for the same then this blog is all you need to read. Here, you will get a detailed solution to migrate EML data in a PDF document. Read the article till the end to know the complete solution to export EML files in PDF format.

Why Do People Need to Migrate EML Data to PDF Format?

EML file extension and PDF are very different file formats. The first one is used to store single mail files in plain text while later is used to store saved document files. There are so many reasons why users are migrating EML files data to PDF format. Some reasons are listed below:

  • Users can create single PDF file for all the EML mails for better management.
  • PDF is the most secured platform for storing database. PDF files cannot be manipulated easily. Passwords, digital signatures and watermarks secure these files.
  • The PDF documents integrates varied types of content such as text, images, videos, graphics, animations, 3D models, etc.
  • PDF file format is most convenient form to store database. You can open the PDF document on any Windows system, hardware or software.
  • At the time of sharing, you can easily compress PDF document without damaging layout or structure.

EML to PDF Converter to Migrate Data from EML to PDF

The CubexSoft EML to PDF Converter is a professional solution available to import EML files in Adobe PDF format. The third-party tool provides a direct solution to export EML files in PDF file format. It is one of the best platforms for converting batch EML to PDF. The software support running on Windows operating system of 32 bit and 64 bit. It is accessible to Windows editions 11, 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, etc.

The software perfectly migrated the entire EML folder to PDF documents. It converts EML files to PDF along with attachments. The tool keeps the mail properties of EML files intact throughout the EML to PDF migration procedure.

EML to PDF Converter is designed by experienced experts for fulfilling the EML conversion needs of users. Using this software, you can create either single or separate PDF files for all the EML files. It provides the facility to generate PDF files from EML attachments in different ways such as Embed Attachments to PDF, Extracts Attachments Separately, and Convert Attachments to PDF.

There are advanced PDF Page Setting options for customized export of EML files in PDF documents. The tool allows changing the location path of the converted PDF files.

That means you can save the resultant PDF document at a desirable location. Set of file naming combinations are also there for saving PDF documents. Let us see the working structure of EML to PDF Converter is the next section!

How to Batch Convert EML Files to PDF?

Follow the instructions given below to convert EML files in PDF format:

  1. Download, install and run EML Converter on your machine.
  2. Click on the Add Files then Select Files/Select Folders option to choose EML files/folders.
  3. The list of chosen files start appearing on the left side of the display. Tick required EML files and click on the Export button.
  4. After that, select PDF option from the list of other outputs option.
  5. Next, select other sub-options such as destination location, file naming combination, PDF Page Setting, Filters and attachments saving options.
  6. Click on the Converter button to start migration process.

After following the above-listed steps, go to the selected location to check the PDF file. Now simply open the PDF file and check the converted emails formatting, attachments, and other details. We are hoping that the blog is helpful in providing good insight into how to migrate data from EML to PDF format.

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