Guide to the Personalized Initials Jewelry

Guide to the Personalized Initials Jewelry

Trends get set when the millennial prefer a specific style across culture, fashion, design, and interior, and so on. One of the most popular trends in jewelry is the monogram initials jewelry.

If you are not aware of the trend, then the monogram is using two or more alphabets on the piece of jewelry. The initial pendant necklace for women is the best gift they will ever receive.

You can avail of personalized silver initials for necklace or gold initials for necklace. Regardless of the metal of your jewelry, monogramming is possible on every piece of jewelry. You can either have combined or interlaced letters on your jewelry.

Monogramming is the highest level of personalization in jewelry. When you have initials of yourself or your close ones on the jewelry, then it depicts that the jewelry is unique to you.

If you are planning to buy a personalized piece of jewelry, be it a ring, pendant, or a necklace, then monogramming will serve the purpose. Below is the guide to help you have personalized initials jewelry. 

1 – Personalized Initial Jewelry for Women 

Initials necklace for moms is the best gift your mom will ever receive. It’s because the jewelry has her initials on it, and it gets specially made for her. You can also gift initials pendant or bracelet to your wife or any special women in your life. It will surely make them feel extra special for the effort you have taken to give them a personalized gift.

When you are planning to buy an initial necklace for mothers, then include the first, last, and middle name of your mother on the jewelry. If there’s no middle name, then you can opt for the use of double initials or use last name and first name.

In case of a hyphenated last name, you would want to include the initials of both the names. Some women use their maiden name for the profession but not for socializing.

Once you figure out what are the exact initials you want to use in the jewelry, then you can move on to deciding the design and order of initials. You can have combined initials in the necklace or over a ring or a bracelet.

You also have the option to interlace the initials in the pendant and other pieces of jewelry. Both ways, it looks beautiful, but it’s just a matter of what style suits your lady the most.

If you are customizing an initial diamond necklace for her, then you have to decide in which order you want the initials. For instance, you can have her first name initial on the left, last name initial in the middle, and middle name initial on the left. You can change the order as per your preference and liking.  

2 – Personalized Initial Jewelry for Couples

If you’re going to gift jewelry to a couple, then you might want to use initials of both of them. If the bride accepts the groom’s last name, then monogramming would be fairly straightforward. But is she uses the last names, maiden one and her husband’s, and then you will have to consider putting them both on the jewelry.

The common approach for a couple using the same last name is using the bride’s first name initial on the right, husband’s first name initial on the left and in the middle lies last name initial of the couple. Such personalized initials pendant or bracelet will surely make the couple go wow and please them.  

3 – Types of Monogramming Initials

There are primarily two types of monogramming or using the initials. The two types are monograms, where all letters have the same size and monogram, which has a larger center initial.

If the monogram is has a bigger center initial, then the preferred order will always be first name, last name, and the middle name. This style never fails to impress the women, while most men like to have a block style. However, the larger center initial is the most favorite for joined or couple monograms. 

Custom Monograms – You can also go for customized initials; it enhances the personalization factor of jewelry. It gets done using hand-lettering and illustration, which makes your jewelry appear lively.

Custom monograms get drawn by a letterer or illustrator. You can also include tiny pictures or symbols that resonate with your personality. Such work of jewelry appears more like a family crest than a mere snippet of letters.

In Summary

Initials of your name or your loved ones will make that piece of jewelry more specials. It will add more emotional value to it and also increase its worth in the eyes of the wearer.

The guide mentioned above will help you when you order your personalized jewelry for the first time. The guide will ensure that the final piece of jewelry you will receive will be unique and lovable.

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