Graphics Card For PUBG | Buying Guide for Gaming Laptop-Desktop

Graphics Card For PUBG | Buying Guide for Gaming Laptop-Desktop

PUBG took the $160 billion gaming industry by storm and reached its pinnacle in a very short period.

With its lifelike graphics, intense gameplay, and thrilling teamwork, PUBG has become a heartthrob for millions of gamers all around the world.

PUBG holds the record for the most simultaneously played game of all time. 

If you also want to jump in the world of PUBG, Then this article is going to be very valuable for you in your pursuit of perfect graphic card for PUBG.

Significance Of Graphic Card

There is this stereotype that mobile gamers are imposters, they lack the gamer essence. And unfortunately, this stereotype is true. You can only fully experience the charm of gaming on a big screen.

A gaming PC comprises many different elements but the cornerstone of the whole gaming system is a Graphic card.

A graphic card is a hardware that converts the data coming from the system and renders images on your screen.

I know it is a bit techy so in simpler terms, a Graphic card maximizes the depth of the display of your game.

All modern games demand a graphic card of a certain quality. That’s why gamers nowadays put much thought while buying a graphic card and sharply inspect their features. It is the most frequently updated part of any system.

There are many factors to accumulate while buying a Graphic card. If you want to buy a graphic card so you can run PUBG comfortably on your PC, then we have just the right information for you.

Types Of Graphic Card

There are two main types of graphic card

1. Integrated Graphics Card

Integrated Graphics card refers to the built-in GPU on the motherboard. It is not specifically built for gaming. It executes the processes(by calculations) related to graphics.

The biggest drawback, in this case, is that since both CPU and GPU are on the same chip, the function of one of them is to be sacrificed for the sake of the other. And in most cases, the power of the GPU is shrunk to increase the processing power of the system.

2. Dedicated Graphic Card

Dedicated graphic cards usually come separate from the whole CPU. It refuges the GPU in it so nothing is limiting it to perform its function.

Unlike Integrated Graphics cards, they have their RAM so they don’t depend on the system’s memory to pull images from. Dedicated Graphics cards are a must for every gamer out there. 

Your Personal Guide While Buying A Graphics Card

If you are new to gaming or not a tech geek and are stormed by all of the unnecessary information out there then this guide is especially for you.

At the end of this article, You will have enough information to decide to buy a Graphic card that can smoothly run PUBG.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a high-end Graphic card to run your games smoothly. A mid-tier graphic card will work just fine.

1. GPU

There are two main manufacturers of GPU in the world i.e NVIDIA and AMD. They then sell these GPUs to third-party sellers which in turn put their labels and casing on them.

You can’t rank them above each other as the throne of the best GPU producers in the world keeps alternating between them.

But the developers of PUBG recommend buying Geforce 1060 which is a Nvidia product.

2. Memory

PUBG does not demand a much stronger VRAM for graphic cards. Strong 2 GB VRAM is just fine to run PUBG without lagging if you have 8 GB system RAM and SSD.

If you want to immerse yourself in the most exquisite experience and want to play PUBG at 4K then you will require 5.5 GB of VRAM.

3. Connection:

While buying a Graphic card, You will have to make sure that the connection type of your graphic card is compatible with your motherboard. Until 2004, AGP was widely used but nowadays almost all graphic cards use the PCLe interface.

4. Cooling System:

Graphic cards expel a large amount of heat and if there isn’t a proper cooling system in place then the results can be disastrous.

Thermal Design Power(TSP) is a measure of power that can generate the highest amount of heat that a system can tackle before blowing up.

If you are buying a Graphic card with a power greater than 180 watts then make sure you have a proper PC case that can dissipate the maximum heat.


Before buying any Graphics card, get your budget in line. If you are on a tight budget then get a simple 2 to 3 GB Graphic card and update it once you have the resources.

But if you want to cherish the game to its full extent then go banana and buy a 6 or 8 GB Graphic card. It all depends on you and your budget, whether you want to spend $150 or $500.

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