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Curtain Walling Vs Cladding Read Through Which is Better

Curtain Walling Vs Cladding Read Through Which is Better

Whether you are recreating the structure of your building or planning to build a new structure from scratch, there are numerous options available in the market to choose from and to get the desired look.

In order to create an attractive structure and faced you will have to choose wisely, here are the main differences between the cladding and curtain walling.


Shop front cladding is a decorative and protective coating over the building to keep it protected from damages that may occur due to weather. The cladding also serves as an insulation for heat and sound.

However, one thing that can be appealing is the material used in the construction. The most used or most popular material used is wood, aluminium and concrete.

Through these materials, a wide variety of design and structures can be made, modifying building aesthetics.

Advantages of Cladding

  • There are a variety of materials that can be used for cladding, which allows the owner and the architect to project style and structure according to their wish and as per weather demands.
  • The material used is made of recyclable materials and hence, they are eco-friendly and can be recycled.
  • Cladding can easily prevent the building from harsh weather conditions and other harmful elements too for a long time.

Repercussions of Poor Cladding

If the martial used in cladding is of cheap quality or fitting is not proper, it may create a cavity which may lead to rainwater and hot air get inside.

The hot air may get converted into the fire and may draw up due to cavity, intensifying the flame and, as a result, the fire can spread inside the building through windows and get along linen and curtain damaging the whole building.

Professionals use a special foam to fill the gaps and cavity between concrete floors and cladding, that prevents fire from rising in the building and damaging it.

Curtain Walling

The primary function of curtain walling is same as cladding but work in a slightly different manner. The curtain walls are used where buildings are non-structural because they do not hold the weight of the building.

These curtain walls are the free-standing outer covering of the building that prevents the building from harsh weather conditions and other harmful elements.

Another difference is that unlike cladding, it does not have a choice to use any material.

It can only be constructed using glass or metal, which reduces the possibilities of providing aesthetic varieties to the building. However, it gives a modern touch to the building.

Advantages of Curtain Walling

  • They are a lightweight and durable alternative to prevent building harmful elements. It can also divert the flow of rainwater and earth vibration, preventing damages.
  • It provides good thermal efficiency by keeping the heat out, and the keeping the place cool without air-conditioning hence is a money-saver.
  • They protect against penetration of moisture/water and also provide sound insulation.

Curtain walling repairs require a professional for installation and maintenance and also requires periodic washing.

When you are planning for refurbishment or repair of your building’s exterior finish. It is essential to understand what works best for you.

Therefore, consider taking professional consultation and help before and through the process to get the best possible result.

ARS is a well-known agency that works on curtain wall refurbishment and is a shop front cladding service provider, who can guide you and provide you with the best service.

Their professional services analyse every detail and work with what is best for your building.

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