Create The Best-customized Socks Using Your Dog’s Pic!

Create The Best-customized Socks Using Your Dog’s Pic!

The reality is that your dog needs all the love you can give it. You are the one that likes to spend hours and hours with your favourite friend. Then you wouldn’t like to abandon it when it’s time to go to work.

Customweekend. com has the solution for you ready right on your screen. The customized socks that are the hottest thing on the market, have some imprints using the pictures of your favourite pet.

That is how you can have them all day with you and brag about them to your friends and colleagues. 

All you need to do is have a high analysis picture sent to the webmasters of the site. Then does all the hard job for you. Just keep on reading to find out what is the most plausible and funny way to keep your pet’s memory with you all day long.

How can print your pet on a pair of socks?

It is a rather easy procedure for custom weekend that has evolved the way it processes files from the net. You only have to upload a JPG file of your dog picture with proper lighting and a great background.

Then the technicians of the site start to modify the picture to get ready for the offset printing machine.

The socks are coming in many sizes and shapes. That is why it is of crucial importance to pick your socks according to your special needs and tastes. The colour of your socks is also significant in creating the right background for the imprints.

All these imprints are not easy to fade away and you can always place the socks in the washing machine to clean them quickly and easily.

Everyone is satisfied with the job staff is doing when it comes to the imprint section. These are not affected by water or heat and can stay there on your socks for a long time.

Many times, we can see people order also some leggings with the same imprints. Once you have uploaded the picture to your profile there is always the way to produce more personalized gifts for you and your family. doesn’t keep any copies of your pictures and your profile is encrypted for you to stay reassured that pictures are only visible to you.

What is the frenzy that has taken the market by storm?

Custom weekend originated from a company of friends that had the weird idea to create personalized socks and leggings for people that like to see their favourite imprints on them.

Initially, the created only the socks section, but as the market kept pushing for more the expanded to leggings, pajamas, and other accessories.

The two-dimensional technology that they offer during the picture imprints is unique and has gained an American patent. They have the absolute knowledge of how to create an imprint and make it stay where they place it.

Being on top of your socks and leggings for a long time is going to fill you up with pride and satisfaction. Everyone likes to have his beloved ones printed on his socks and leggings. It is an act of pure love and respect that custom weekend knows how to satisfy.

Since the world wide web has an international impact, the custom weekend site has been popular in many countries around the world. Today almost half of worldwide sales are directing to countries outside America. China has been once more the best destination for customized socks and leggings. 

Not to mention, that Europe has also joined the frenzy of the customized accessories that keep on having your favourite imprint on them. Even though much more time is needed in handling and shipping, people from all around the globe are patiently waiting to receive their favourite item.

The custom weekend site keeps on being busy during the festivity season.

Everyone likes to have an imprinted pair of socks as a Christmas present. Santa Claus carries socks with your favorite imprints on it during New Year’s Eve. That is why more children are looking at it as a festivity gift rather than a normal buy from the stores.

People are trying to be fashionable during this season. They wear their most expensive clothes and accessories and try to makeover for the rest of the year. In this aspect, the customized socks and leggings become the absolute must of the night.

Everyone would like to have his socks depicting their favorite dogs and cats on them. Some other times they ask for themselves or their kids to be imprinted on their socks, leggings, or pajamas that accompany them most of the time in their home.

Kids love to have such personalized items. It makes it funnier to put on their pajamas easier and give more importance to their socks as long as they have their favorite dog image on them. These gifts are a special way to say thank you and engage in a new home life that comes easier.


Many years ago, nobody could ever imagine that there would be a new technology that creates imprints on socks and leggings. Not to mention, that the pictures were not easily transferred and changed size and shape.

The analysis has been miserable and no one could say that an imprint would look like the actual picture anymore. However, today there is no reason to worry since has finally reached the stage where all the previous could be accessible right by your desktop.

Many people choose to buy these personalized socks that depict their favorite pets, to come closer to them and feel as if they have them alongside with them when going to work or school.

Kids can get more attached to these items since they are fascinated by this new technology. All of us stay still in front of the great progress that has been presented in front of our eyes. Customization thrives once more.

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