Comparison Between Executive Search and Recruitment Services

Comparison Between Executive Search and Recruitment Services

Around 71 per cent of companies have quoted that they are finding difficulty picking the right fit for their workplace. Around 75 per cent of the manufacturing firms have inconvenience in finding the right candidate for the post they want to hire.

Now here comes the role of such companies, executive search and recruitment firms. They offer the companies the responsibility to find the right candidate for the position he/she is required.

They take out time, research, filters and put in a lot of efforts to find the desired contenders.

While both the executive search and recruitment firm work for the same purpose (to find the top talent for the companies), they work differently and have certain differences between the two.

Below is a brief comparison between the two so it is easier for you to find out which one you should opt for.

What is an Executive Search Company?

Executive search companies look for highly qualified, competent and experienced candidates.

They go through the candidate’s profile, inspect, pick the candidate and introduce it to the looking company. Executive search firms mostly search candidates for senior-level, executive and other top-level positions.

These companies work as a third-party agency, a bridge between the candidate and the company.

They are responsible to carry out screenings, interviews and negotiations and they also encourage the suitable candidate to accept the offer if he/she received any.

These firms don’t do any hiring independently; they would filter out the applicants and introduce them to the companies.

What is Recruitment Company

Recruitment companies also help find the right candidate for a given post, which works similar to executive search companies.

They do the pre-screening of the candidates and also facilitate the interview process. They also are third party agency works between the candidate and companies.

Both the companies may seem to be similar in many ways, but certain points differentiate between them. Understanding the differences will help you choose which company to go for.

1. Job Hunting

Recruitment agency doesn’t put the effort in seeking out to the candidate from the pool; they post the vacant job position on their social media pages, job portals, newspapers and magazines while the executive search company plays an essential role in seeking out talented professionals, they contact the candidate directly if they think he’s suitable for the desired position.

2. Type of Candidates

Recruitment agencies look for active candidates prepared with a CV, the candidates who are demotivated from their current job and looking for a good switch.

On the other hand, executive firms look for passive candidates, the candidates who are not looking to switch. Still, executive search firms try to convince and attract them with a much more appealing employment offer.

3. Local Vs Global

Recruitment companies work in order to find local candidates while executive search companies look for candidates globally who have worked with multinational companies and have excellent international market exposure.

4. Job Roles

Recruitment companies look for candidates with broad skill sets; they look for job profiles like non-executive positions, less specialized candidates with lesser skills, positions that don’t require specialization, candidates with multiple skills matching different job roles.

On the other hand, executive search companies look for candidates ideal for a job position. They look for candidates with specialized technical skills. They look for applicants for positions like executive level, hard to find and business-critical positions.

5. Quality vs Quantity

As you may now have an idea, executive search firms give precedence to quality over quantity; they look for highly qualified, proficient, and specialized professionals, while recruitment companies focus on quantity and fill many vacant positions.

Which One Should I go for?

You now know how both the companies work and which company you consider totally depends on your needs.

Companies usually hire executive search firms for senior-level and specialized posts, while recruitment companies are considered by those who are seeking candidates for junior level and non-executive roles.

If you are looking for a c-suite or executive, you should hire an executive search firm in UAE.

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