Britain Announces New Fast-Track Visas For Doctors From Countries Like India

Britain Announces New Fast-Track Visas For Doctors From Countries Like India

India since the beginning of time has been a nation of best intellectual resource and prospect, serving the world with quality services and apt knowledge, which is acknowledged globally.

Evident to it, the UK government has confirmed new fast-track visa for doctors from countries such as India.

On Thursday, the UK government announced plans to introduce a new visa for eligible doctors and nurses from countries worldwide, particularly India, in the National Health Service (NHS), which is funded by the government.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson pointed to this potential so-called “NHS visa” on the referendum campaign trail that was announced in the Queen’s Parliament speech on Thursday – Queen Elizabeth II’s formal process setting the political agenda of the newly-elected Boris Johnson led Conservative Party government.

“Measures will be taken to develop and sustain the staff of the National Health Service and the revised visa will allow the fast-track admission of qualified doctors, nurses and health professionals to the UK,” she states.

“A new, equal, point-based immigration system would allow skilled workers from around the world to contribute to the economy, neighbourhoods and public services of the United Kingdom,”

it says, leading to another Johnson promised before the December 12 General Election – to implement an Australian-style point-based immigration system to recruit the “brightest and best” people from around the world.

An associated government briefing paper notes that eligible doctors nurses and allied health practitioners with an NHS job offer and prepared to a recognised level will be given fast-track access, lowered visa fees and committed resources to come to the UK under its “NHS People Plan”

The extensive Queen’s Speech addressed a wide range of government plans, with the Brexit deadline of 31 January 2020 at the core of the agenda.

The Uk government argued that its new post-Brexit visa and immigration scheme, which would be in effect after Britain leaves the European Union (EU) this coming year, would be “fairer” since it would draw highly skilled workers from around the world at the same time where the EU’s freedom of movement laws no longer apply to the UK.

“Ministers will pursue a future relationship with the European Union on the basis of a free trade agreement that supports the UK as a whole. They will also start trade talks with other leading global economies,” Queen speaks.

It has also outlined an optimistic environmental policy for the United Kingdom, which includes a ban on selling polluting plastic waste to countries outside the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the development of a law for a new, world-leading independent regulator. India was one of the countries that collected any plastic waste from the UK until it adopted a bill earlier this year to try to stop the activity.

Among the more than 30 bills outlined in the Queen’s speech, seven of which refer to Brexit, these reforms would be included in a new Environment Bill.

“Recently, workers were spoken to. We’re very thankful for their efforts and we’re going to help everyone find new jobs,” said a statement from the government.The UK government has declared on 31 January next year closure of the Department for Exiting the European Union, commonly known as the Brexit Office – the target for Brexit.

Johnson, who returned to the House of Commons earlier this week after gaining an 80-seat lead in last week’s elections, is expected to bring back his Withdrawal Agreement Bill–the bill allowing the UK to leave the EU–on Friday before Parliament breaks into its Christmas slump.

The deviation from a Queen’s Speech’s normal legislative tradition reflects the difficulty of putting British legislation in place to reach the latest New Year’s Brexit deadline.

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