3 Big Trends in Streetwear in 2020

3 Big Trends in Streetwear in 2020

The phenomenon of streetwear in the clothing industry has been something to truly behold. It’s been a revelation in the shift for style when it comes to dress sense for both the older and younger generations.

It’s been such a huge success that even some of the largest brands we’re aware of today are providing exclusive ranges in the style that are either one-off or on the more expensive side of the pricing scale.

This popularity in clothing style, considered the ‘hypebeast effect’, here we have a look at the biggest streetwear trends that have taken the market by storm and is currently swarming the high street at the moment.

Oversized Tees

You may have noticed with recent clothing trends that male’s, in particular, opt to have oversized tees.

Whether it’s underneath their hooded jumper or underneath a jacket, oversized brands have become a bit of trademark within the streetwear market. 

Even the more common high street brands such as Topman and H&M currently sell oversized mens graphic t-shirts due to their popularity.

As a result, brands such as Off-White and Heron Preston have been the catalysts in this new style which stems from Hip-Hop culture where artists are commonly seen wearing oversized clothing. 

Big Brand Collaborations

Another big influence in the streetwear trend has been the collaboration of two big brands coming together to make a unique piece of clothing that’s exclusive and limited edition.

Collaborations from Air Jordan and Nike, to Adidas and Bed JW Ford, are just some examples of the brands that have come together and created unique collections worth high-end prices.

With the wait happening for so long, customers can’t wait to flog to websites to get their hands on them.

Sneaker Influences

If there’s one big influence in streetwear that has been core in its success, it’s the release of sneakers and trainers that has taken the industry by storm.

One example of this is when hip-hop artist Kanye West released his “Yeezy” branded trainers which were considered extremely sought-after when they were announced.

It’s considered one of the most exclusive brands in fashion and prices are now reaching almost £1000 per pair.

To keep with the exclusivity, Kanye continues to only release the trainers in small quantities when they’re announced. It leaves customers waiting hours in queues online to get their hands on a pair.

Final thoughts

Ever since the introduction of luxury and exclusive streetwear for high-end brands, there has been a considerable change in the clothing industry.

Considering the current shape of the market, it’s likely more and more independent brands will target their niche audiences to provide exclusive ranges before they increase their market reach and grow their brand even more.

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