11 Things To Do In Cappadocia Turkey

11 Things To Do In Cappadocia Turkey

Cappadocia is one of those places that you won’t believe exist unless you see it with your own eyes. With the terrain that leaves you mesmerized no matter how long you stay, it never seems to be enough.

In Cappadocia, you can see dramatic landscapes from high above and deep below.

Talking about that, how can we not talk about Cappadocia. One of the top Instagram-able places on earth. So, without any further delay, I present my favorites with the list of top 11 things to do in Capadoccia Turkey.

Come with me as show you the best things about this awesome place.

1. Fairy Chimneys

Well, a fascinating parade of cultures shaped the history of this ancient land, its the striking geology that first grabs your attention. Cappadocia is famous for its exotic-looking terrains. Centuries of volcanic eruptions left huge boulders at top layers of hardened volcanic ash.

The fairy chimneys at nearby Göreme National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With insane rock structures, beautiful houses and intricately carved rocks.

The reason why a lot of people come out to Cappadocia is for these huge mushroom-shaped rock formations. A lot of them are very unusually shaped that sometimes it makes you wonder if aliens didn’t, perhaps do a little bit of carving.

2. Hot Air Balloon

I was told that this is the world’s capital for Hot air ballooning and it doesn’t take long to figure out why.  What better way to start off your stay at Cappadocia then with a hot air balloon ride to soak up the spectacular landscape. Floating above the honeycomb scenery is like coming in for a landing on the moon.

Though Cappadocia is pretty unreal even without balloons but Hot air balloon ride should be on everybody’s bucket list. The balloons go up at dawn when the wind is still which means the rides happen around sunrise. So, you have to be up early if you want that perfect shot.

Scout your location the night before so you know where to be at sunrise. The cost of this depends on the company, the duration of the flight and how many passengers are there in the basket. Either way, the experience is priceless.

3. Stay In A Cave Hotel 

Staying in a Cave hotel is a must when you travel to Cappadocia. With hundreds of family houses turned into hotels, there’s a lot to choose from.

But I am going to suggest you stay in the cave suits that are originally built inside of the early century Christian chapel or some real magical historical site.

Choose the cave hotel that is in the prime location i.e, on the top of the town with breathtaking views of the valley and of course the hot air balloons.

4. Derinkuyu Underground City

By now we have seen tons of caves by the side of the mountains but Derinkuyu is completely underground. Cappadocia has a few underground cities but by far this one is the largest.

Reaching as deep as 200feet below the ground. There are seven subterranean levels to the city and historically it was a refuge for Christians who were escaping prosecution.

This intricate city was thought to accommodate as many as 20,000 people with additional space for food supplies, sellers, livestock stables and even chapels. This is most certainly not for people with claustrophobia as passageways can be very narrow.


Now Cappadocia is actually a very large region of valleys and village towns. Stay at Goreme as it’s a mere walking distance from many great sites such as the open-air museum, love valley, red valley and you can book your hot air balloon ride here. It makes the perfect place to start the site seeing adventure.

6.Open-Air Museum

The Cappadocia region has a very old history dating to the 4th century and was even home to cave dwellers as late as the 1960s when it was deemed unsafe by the national government.

You can explore these cave villages and two open-air museums, the Goreme Open Air Museum and the Zelve Open Air Museum. Both are a great way to feel what life in a cave was like and had they not lack hot water and electricity, I might have tried to move in.


In Uchisar be sure to climb at the top of the castle to get one of the best views in all of the Cappadocia. Uchisar castle is actually man-made which is a phenomenal thing. Unfortunately, the day I went the weather was not ideal but it was still awesome.


Another great town to visit is Cavusin. To get a good feel with the locals head to some of the small towns like these to see what everyday life is like. Here you can explore some caves on your own and if you get lucky you will stumble upon two churches dedicated to St. John the Baptist that was constructed over 1000 years ago.

9.Pigeon Valley

The name relates to the thousands of pigeon houses carved from the soft rock of the chimneys and mountainsides. In ancient times pigeons were used as a form of communication and their dung was used as a fertilizer. These caves weren’t only meant to house people, they were also created to house pigeons.

10.Quad Tour

For a little adrenaline, jump on an ATV tour to experience this fairytale scenery and see sections of the park not accessible to cars. There are several tour companies located all around the park so it shouldn’t be hard to find. Ride over the sand dunes on the ATV Tour is definitely for the thrill-seekers. Drive these bikes around the fairy chimneys and over the sand dunes.

11.Go Horse Riding In The Land Of Beautiful Horses

Direct from the Persian world Cappadocia turns to the land of beautiful horses. Horses are probably the best natural guides to lead you through the canyons and legions which linger in the miss of time. Riding the horses around the unique Cappadocian landscape will be an unforgettable experience.

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As the travel industry sell out their travel packages at great discounts. It will be a great opportunity for you to grab the best package that suits your budget. Cmon, this historical site is waiting for you to come and explore.

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