10 Research-Backed Web Design Suggestions

10 Research-Backed Web Design Suggestions

Business Owners do everything that is going to impact their revenue streams. The website is the first and the most important thing that comes to mind when you think about it.

To make an impactful and highly engaging website, you need the perfect placement of everything. You can easily find an excellent website designing company near you, which provides many research-backed web design practices that can help you create the most attractive website.

Web design is the most important factor for the success of a website. Almost half of the people say that the design of a website is their major factor in judging a company’s credibility.

In this article, we gather 10 research-backed web design suggestions to design a website that looks beautiful, attracts visitors and gets results.

1. Strong Homepage Design

A well-designed site can entice more visitors to spend sufficient time investigating your services. You can easily target an audience to know more about your business with the responsive web design.

The site should be comprehensive and provide design-based solutions to all of your visitors’ questions. Moreover, the homepage design must reflect the behind your work, and its menu should also highlight prominent informative website pages. 

2. Involved Typographic Hierarchy

The web design where the text is involved Typographic Hierarchy is a crucial aspect of excellent website designing company near you. There are three levels to start organizing it.

Level one will be the biggest and should mostly be used for most emphasising content, including your brand name and tagline. The second level is used for the sections and menu, which gather the information together.

3. Utilize the Photos of Real People

Speaking of social proofs and photos important research-backed suggestion is to use images of real people to enrich your website content.

Human faces and real people images make the content look more attractive and convincing, but aware, don’t fall into the trap of using fake stock images.

It would be a huge blunder that might undermine the authority of your website as well as your professional reputation.

4. Keep It Short

The basic rule of web design is to keep it short but more credible. When designing your website, depend only on elements that can impact visitors.

An excellent website designing company near you suggest that if you add too many elements to your webpage, they will distract visitors and increase bounce rates.

Remember that in this scenario, less is more; consequently, don’t overwhelm potential clients with irrelevant information.

5. Use List To Capture Readers’ Attention

Most content creators often use the list to capture the readers’ attention and increase dwell times. The same goes with web design because you can motivate visitors to be customary more of your content along with bulletins and listicles.

However, lists are highly readable and scan-able, making them ideal for super quick consumption. An excellent website designing company near you saves the first and last bulletin for the most important information because readers remember them longest.

6. Avoid Sliders

Sliders are undoubtedly the best part of your website, loved by your customers, but generally, the visitors see just the first or the second slide and then skip the rest. Therefore it is suggested to avoid rotating sliders on the homepage of your website.

7. Eye-Catching CTAs

The major goal of every webpage is to convince visitors to take a highly specific action. That’s why an excellent website designing company near you use CTA (Calls to action) for engagement purpose.

The best way to make CTAs stand out is to create the bigger and more visible. Additionally, ensure to create a strong contrast compared to the background colour and the rest of your web page’s content.

8. Above the Fold is the Best Place for Important Elements

The entire web design community debates which is the best place to use fold. An excellent website designing company near you strongly encourages you to consider folds and place important elements above the folds.

After all, according to research reports, users spend 80% of the time viewing above the fold. The perfect thing is to respect the fold and keep it in mind while designing your website in such circumstances.

9. Use Visual Cues To Improve Website Performance

In just 15 seconds, viewers decide to leave the website. It shows how fast the viewers create their first impression online.

Answers to creating an attractive website do not depend on how it looks but also on how it works. However, the visual cues can help to improve your website performance and make it interesting. According to standard UI and UX design, visual cues should be obvious.

Therefore, avoid distractions and use visual cues to provide a smoother navigation experience for your visitors. 

10. Make Easy to Share Images

An excellent website designing company near you suggests that it is one of the best ways to improve your visual strategy on social media to make it easy for your customers to share, post, tweet, and pin images from your website.

Include the share button featuring the most recognizable social media icon on your website. When your customers share your images, they will reach new users, which will help to boost your brand awareness and brand recognition. You will get more potential users, followers, fans, clients and customers without any legwork.


Creating an attractive website is not exactly rocket science, but most designers get easily confused due to several different suggestions and opinions available on the internet.

However, an excellent website designing company near you helps you build the best website that will give you everything you want to get from it.

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