10 Reasons To Say Yes To Family Vacations In Zanzibar

10 Reasons To Say Yes To Family Vacations In Zanzibar

Did you know that, despite the classic family vacation in Egypt and Turkey, many parents consider these countries unsafe for families with children? They go there because of the good weather, the best price, a short flight, and even because of habits and stereotypes.

But Egypt and Turkey are far from all the countries on the world map. Tours to Tanzania for the children’s fall vacation can be found here.

Now many parents lead an active lifestyle and teach their children to do this. Therefore, this article is for those who have asked themselves the question “How safe is it for the whole family to go to Africa, for example, to Zanzibar, where to live, what to eat, what to watch/do, etc.?”

For those who “feel like it and prickle”, we tell in detail about holidays in Tanzania, in particular, in Zanzibar, with the whole family, based on personal experience and feedback from our tourists.

10 Reasons For A Family Holiday In Zanzibar:

1. Tanzania is one of the safest countries in all of Africa! 

To get sick with an illness unusual for our latitudes is less likely than in Egypt. Vaccinations are not needed, especially when flying only to Zanzibar Island.

2. A standard pharmacy kit 

Of course, yes, You need to have it with you when traveling to another continent. Medicine in Tanzania is at a good level, so if something happens, there are clinics and pharmacies in Zanzibar, and you have medical insurance and our round-the-clock support.

3. Long fly with children 

A stereotype of Zanzibar. If children are 5 years old and above, then there is no problem. A flight through Dubai or Istanbul with good airlines, with a connection and the ability to warm up before the second flight, eat, drink coffee and go shopping is the best option for a trip to the island to be comfortable even for children.

4. The problem with the heat. 

Of course, the island is hot, but the humidity is not high, making it easier to transfer the heat than, for example, in Turkey in July and August. The main thing is to avoid long exposure to the sun during the day, wear hats, use sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.

A good life hack – the heat of the day can be easily tolerated when visiting the Josani Forest Reserve, or the zoo, where there is a lot of greenery and shadow. You can also pass the time by going to the neighboring beaches and sitting in an authentic local restaurant on the seafront full of “Hakuna Matata”.

5. “Safari with kids is impossible”

That’s untrue! If you have an engaged and inquisitive family then no problems with a safari tour can arise. All our tours to the mainland are planned in such a way that the route is planned without haste, without long trips, but in the short 2-3 days of the tour, you can see the main natural treasures of Tanzania.

Tours are individual or in small groups on certain dates. If you are worried about how the children will move, heat, and early raises on safaris, we recommend ordering individual programs. 

In this case, you can always adjust the stay according to your desire, finish the tour earlier, and return to the hotel or, conversely, extend the tour. On our safaris, even babies are welcome, if parents so wish (!) And the experience of such tours is quite positive.

Hotels and food that are offered during the tours are worthy of European quality. All our guides and guides provide a high level of service and listen to the wishes of each participant in the program.

6. For a family that is looking for a more simplified type of leisure, 

But at the same time, wants to feel unfamiliar Africa and get a new experience, we offer, without leaving the island, to see rare monkeys – red colobus, centuries-old land turtles, go on a safari with dolphins and just get to know the ancient African culture.

7. Zanzibar 

A godsend for lovers of water sports: SUP-surfing, diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, kayaking, parasailing, jet skis, and even banana skiing! Deep-sea fishing for professionals or amateur – all this is accessible and even developed in Zanzibar.

8. You can put your child on the surf or kite in Zanzibar 

There are many cool sites for beginners, for example, Kiwengwa. Or the famous Paje, which is suitable for the more experienced.

9. Ocean, fresh seafood, and exotic fruits! 

The Indian Ocean from the side of Zanzibar represents the purest turquoise waters, with light smooth waves and clean fine sand underfoot.

The photos of the Tanzanian landscapes that you took away on the Internet are true, they impress no worse than the Maldives. The national cuisine is completely neutral and does not have any sharp or specific spices. 

All dishes are sharpened for European dishes from fresh marine reptiles, fish, neutral vegetable or fruit salads, meat dishes, soups. A variety of fruits will allow you and your children to replenish the supply of vitamins for a long time.

10. Hotels of Zanzibar. 

There will also be no problems here – the choice of accommodation is offered in a different price range, while the quality of almost all hotels is very decent, at a European level and can be compared with good family hotels in the Caribbean, for example.

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