Top Signs That Your Soul Mate Is About To Propose

Top Signs That Your Soul Mate Is About To Propose

Now is the time that has come after years-long of waiting. You think you have finally found the right person whom you can share your life with.

You have persevered through bad times of your youth. You had to date guys that you repented meeting up in the first place. Some of your dates turned funny or total disasters.

This is the time for you to thank all the worse times; finally, you realize that they were the stepping stone to the success that awaits you.

How do you know when your soulmate is about proposed to you with an exquisite Diamond bridal ring? Here are some ways to know:

1- They Show an Interest in Jewelry like Never Before

Jewellery is the most coveted accessory for a woman; everybody likes wearing it during events or occasions. Some of us like flaunting it almost every time.

It is a good sign of social status and makes others feel our presence amongst peers, colleagues, and relatives. It is an extension of our beauty. Just like our make-ups, clothes and shoes, and vehicles, our jewellery set adds to the sense of aesthetics to ourselves.

Our jewellery is also the source of our confidence. Once we have been around with our ornaments for a while, we cannot be with them.

We invest a lot of time thinking about the various types of rings we will put on, including exclusive designs like vintage style rings or 2 stone diamond engagement rings.

In such times, you will find it a pleasant surprise that your boyfriend is taking a more than keen interest in your jewellery preferences.

Your deserving soulmate is looking for jewellery, he is looking up for it or finds more information on things like a diamond, gold, platinum, etc. This action is a sign that you are about to get proposed.

He may want to keep this as a secret; he may not you to get the slightest whiff or glimpse of it.

The occasion like Valentine’s Day or your birthday is imminent, and he asks you about your preferences without hinting you the reason.

He may ask you about options like classic style rings or halo design wedding rings. Nevertheless, after reading this post, you would have wised up and know what he intends to do in the next few days. All you have to look for is whether he subconsciously hints jewellery or not.

2- He Wants To Meet Your Family Members but Does So Without Letting You Know

A casual lover or not-so-serious guy would want to keep a distance from the other important people in your life.

For such opportunists, getting along with other significant people in your life could be a trap for a lifelong commitment.

They would usually avoid asking you about your family members. They would not want to get too deep in other aspects of your life and would leave you all alone except when they need you.

On the contrary, a keen person looking for a long-term relationship, especially marriage, will want to get along with everybody special for you. He would want to befriend your siblings and best friend and chums.

By knowing more about your best friend and other close friends, he can get a better insight into your social nature, interests, and many other things.

By getting along with your parents, he can know more about you in many different ways, and usually, there is no way back.

If your groom-to-be is interacting with your family and friends, then he is serious about you. If he is going behind you back, then he is about the startle you with a proposal.

3- He Takes You to Outings and Spends More Time with You

All this time, he has been reluctant to propose. It could be that he was mustering his will and courage to propose and not losing someone like you. It could be that he was deciding on you and wanted to study you well beforehand.

Of late, he has been asking you to stay around, meeting up with you quite often, or calling you to join him for films, or merely being along with you. This is a sign that he is dangerous and is about to propose.

He will not lose such an opportunity and is perhaps going to kneel in front of you, take your palm in his one hand, and slid in a ring from his other one.

To Sign Off

These were top signs that your soulmate is about to propose. Now you can bask in the whiff of surprise and intrigue that your boyfriend is about to propose to you. You can look forward to getting a Diamond Engagement Ring in the near future.

All the best for your happy married life forever!

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