Things to Learn If Plastic Surgery Is For Teens or Not

Things to Learn If Plastic Surgery Is For Teens or Not

When we hear the word plastic surgery, it gives us thoughts about delaying ageing or improving the appearance. We have seen many actors who went through different surgeries to change their facial looks or to change the size of their tummy.

These are not the only reasons for having surgery because we also hear about some cases where teens also went under surgery for medical reasons. But now, many grooming kids want to change their appearance as well.

Thousands Of The Surgery Procedures Have Been Performed On Teens, Including

  • Nose jobs
  • Protruding ears
  • Acne scar treatment
  • Injuries
  • Physical fitness
  • To lighten the birthmark

The debate about why teens need surgery is still continued because many parents do not want their grooming kids to have any type of surgery at an early age. I remember my parents also took too long to give me permission for acne scars treatment from one of the best plastic surgeons in Karachi.

Let’s Reveal Some Important Factors What We Have Collected From Our Observations So Far.


  • Teenage is the most sensitive period of life where you learn a lot about life and about the people in your surroundings. The community often makes sarcastic comments on grooming kids who do not have attractive looks. Such a reaction causes emotional distress. For such reasons, teens get conscious about their visual appearance and they ask their parents for surgical solutions.
  • Teens want to be accepted by their peers and friends. Good looks always are a fact that inspires others. Some kids are fat but couldn’t lose it for certain reasons. They need surgery to look fit.
  • The more attractive you look the more confident you will be. Such myth makes the teens think that they should also get their features done which are not appealing. Most teens go under surgery just because they want to increase their self-esteem.

Parents want to learn about the details of plastic surgery to ensure if their teens should go for it or not. This is the reason we have come with the most common plastic surgery procedure among teens.

Plastic Surgery for Teens

Many surgery techniques do not consider appropriate for teens but still, we have seen many underage surgeries.

1. Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a surgical technique that involves the ears. A plastic surgeon adjusts the position, shape, and size of the ears. Teens often go for Otoplasty when they have a structural abnormality.

It helps them to correct the ear structure. The other reason for Otoplasty is to change the ear position in which ear protrudes are far away from the head and people make fun of them.

2. Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that can be done at an early age. It is accomplished by placing a fitted implant on the chin bone. Most of the implants last for a lifetime. Teens want to improve the facial appearance with a chin implant. You can have peace of mind because the chin implant looks natural and does not cause any pain for a long time.

3. Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping is one of the most demanding plastic surgery procedures among teens. They ask their parents for going under surgery at an early age because many cruel people make sarcastic comments and make fun of them.

Before you say yes to your child, make sure that the nose must have reached its adult size. Teen girls reach the adult nose size by age 15-16 but boys reach by age 16-17.

Experts of the Baqai hospital also suggest avoiding rhinoplasty at the early years of grooming age because of the shape of the body changes with time.

4. Dermabrasion

In teenagers, many kids experience acne issues and leave scars on the face. Dermabrasion is the plastic surgery technique that involves the removal of the outer skin layer on the face. This procedure treats many skin conditions, including uneven skin tones, damage due to sun exposure, fine lines, acne scars, etc.

Things Parents Should Consider For Teens’ Surgery!

Parents do not want their teens in any trouble. When your kids ask for surgery, you should tell them that they do not need to make others happy with their appearance but can go under surgery for valid reasons. But still, we should consider:

Always think about the alternative of surgery. For example, weight loss can be done through exercise or follow a healthy diet plan.

It might be possible that your child is asking about plastic surgery that is not appropriate for them. But parents should send their kids to the therapist for mental health issues because surrounding comments cause self-low esteem.

Parents should also discuss the treatment with the plastic surgeon before saying “OK” to Teens!

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