Rules To Make Second Marriage Successful

Rules To Make Second Marriage Successful

For second marriages to succeed, identifying the factors which promote second marriage success. Remarriage is the next chance at happiness if done properly.

Data tells 74% of Delhi Punjabi men/women get the best and more deserving life partner. After learning rules you will be able to make a successful second marriage in Delhi.

The study also shows improper decisions increase the chances of failure in a second marriage.

Note: Don”t apply same rules you applied in 1st marriage come-up with some learning and new rules to follow. 

Take some help from experts with several years of experience in “Punjabi marriage” and know how to find the best-suited couple for your marriage.

So, let’s begin with proven rules to make a second marriage successful:

A Realistic View of Marriage

Usually, when people get remarried, they bring the same unhealthy relationship patterns and trust issues that can sabotage the new relationship ultimately destroying the future together.

Get realistic, discuss what are your expectations that need to align with your spouse’s expectations. Your roles as husband or wife supposed to clear.

Define what you expect from each, that would be helpful for any issues or circumstances that may arise once you are married.

The Understanding That Marriage Doesn’t Represent Your Happiness

To make the second Punjabi marriage succeed, you have to commence the marriage out on the right foot. If you are not happy in your life than marriage will not make you happy, happiness is a choice.

Trust, loyalty and realistic expectations to your partner will make you happy and will sprinkle love in your life. Always, encourage and respect each other in your married life.

Face Problems like a Pro with Second Marriage Counselling

“every battle is won before it is fought.”

Premarital counselling and matrimony dives with some experts increase the chances of turning the odds of second marriage in Delhi into success. Get pre-marital counselling now.

Be Vulnerable

It makes sense that a concern of vulnerability can be a real difficulty in a second marriage, yet not revealing our innermost thoughts, feelings and wishes can set a relationship more at risk because we lose out on the trust and do not communicate our problems.

Being vulnerable to your partner may make you feel helpless, defenseless and self-exposed, but it is the most important element of a trusting, faithful relationship. 

Self-Awareness To Blend a Family

Blending two families into one is hard work at the second wedding.

Blended family members demand time to adjust, in many cases three to four years. The disturbing truth is, the couples of second marriages usually face problems that arise from blending the two families. Give your new family and second marriage time to adjust. Be patient!


These rules will definitely help couples to succeed in building a strong and healthy second marriage in DelhiAccept that we all have flaws, forgiveness is the best way to beat the odds and make your second marriage succeed.

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