How to Plan an Influencer Marketing Campaign for Lead Generation

How to Plan an Influencer Marketing Campaign for Lead Generation

Influencer marketing is among the most profitable and highest RoI-driven digital marketing practices that can drive many visitors, sales, and traffic to your brand.

This strategy makes your brand more credible and helps you establish authority in your industry domain.

However, getting started with influencer marketing is a challenge, and a need to take care of multiple aspects.

So, if you are new to this marketing tactic and want to know more about it, we have you covered.

In this article, we will look at all the important points you need to keep in mind to drive the maximum results out of it.

First, define clear goals.

This is the foundation of your influencer marketing campaign and needs to be done right. Define all the business goals you want to accomplish with the help of an influencer.

It will give you a better perspective on budget, reach, target audience, brand recognition, and more. And one important thing you show is what storage you want to convey to the audience.

Define core KPIs for influencer marketing.

KPIs are different from the goals that you have created for the campaigns. The KPIs will define how you will measure your campaign's success.

If your goal is to increase your company's brand recognition, then you should divide that goal into multiple KPIs.

It will help you in analyzing the campaign's performance on a micro-level. KPIs will also help you improvise your marketing campaign and increase the RoI.

Selecting the right influencer

Again, this is a critical step where no mistake can be made, as the influencer will be the face of your brand. First, at least shortlist 5-6 potential social media influencers that you think do a better job than others.

Once you identify these 5-6 personalities, then it's time to check out their previous work and the results they achieved for the brands.

After you closely check the performance of every person, making the final decision regarding the influencer will be easy.

Prepare a bespoke content strategy.

Once you finalize the influencer, you need to work on the content strategy you will be sharing with the influencer and the agency associated with that person.

Interact with the influencer to know more about what kind of content performs the best on social media platforms. List down all the content formats you will use in your campaign strategy.

There should be no last-moment planned content as it might compromise quality. You can choose SEO packages that help you in creating a content strategy.

Discuss the legal matters.

 However, not all social media campaigns will need to define an exclusive contract to define the content rights and ownership, but creating one will always help.

You can define the terms regarding reposting, sharing it on other platforms, and content ownership. You get much better clarity about your campaign when you clear all these things.

And it's always a smart move to clear these things before the campaign begins to make sure even on the same page.

Prepare content guidelines

Whether your team will prepare the content for that influencer or you hire a team to do this job, they must be presented with some guidelines. These guidelines will cover all the business goals, followed by market research and adding more creative elements.

Preparing a guideline makes the entire process execution hassle-free, and the results are also improved. Take your time creating guidelines; conduct a brainstorming session to get more creative ideas.

Proofread, audited, and reviewed.

You must have seen an influencer marketing campaign go wrong, and it creates a permanent impression in audiences' minds.

To avoid such a situation, you must carefully go through every element of your campaign to ensure everything is solid and accurate.

For proofreading and content review, pick 2-3 people in your teams to make sure they cross-check things better. Also, take feedback from the team member to know how they feel about your new campaign.

Promote the content smartly.

When you are done witfinishcer the marketing campaign, there is still a huge scope for its promotion, and you should always take advantage of that. Check your analytics to know how the campaign is performing and if it is close to your pre-defined goals or has gone the other way.

You can also consider running paid ads for your content to gain more traction from the social media platform. When the platform pushes your content among the new audience, there is a high chance that you will get good traction.

These are the most important tips you can follow while planning an influencer marketing campaign. You will get good results when you keep the management straightforward and your marketing goals clear.

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