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How to Keep the Workplace Cool in the Summertime

How to Keep the Workplace Cool in the Summertime

The overwhelming summer heat can feel brutal when you’re stuck in the office for hours each day. In addition, employees are likelier to call out or ignore the office’s dress code during the year’s hottest days.

Here are some easy tips to keep your workplace cool during the summertime.

Close the Blinds

Letting sunlight enter your office is a quick way to heat the place. Use curtains or blinds to cover the windows and minimize outside light.

You can even invest in thermally insulated curtains that lower your energy consumption. Blocking out the sun can keep employees more comfortable, especially during the middle of the day when the sun is directly overhead.

Provide Cool Water

Hot weather can quickly dehydrate you and make it hard to focus. Provide plenty of cool drinking water in the office and stock up on ice cubes. Consider offering fruit in the breakroom, so employees can enjoy easy hydration without repeatedly filling up their water bottles.

Consuming enough water will help keep your body temperature down, minimizing the effects of the heat. Staying hydrated can also provide other benefits like boosting the mood and improving brain power.

Use Fans

One of the best ways to keep the office cool is with plenty of electric fans. Improve your workplace’s air circulation by setting up fans in strategic places.

You likely won’t be able to offer fans to every employee in the office. However, you can set them up in critical areas like the break room, central office, and hallways. Keeping as much air moving as possible will lower the temperature and boost overall employee comfort.

Consider Air Conditioning

If you don’t already have air conditioning, consider getting a commercial HVAC system. To regulate and automate the HVAC system, you need to consider building management solutions.

Nevertheless, commercial air conditioners are built with maximum efficiency, improving your office’s indoor air quality and overall comfort. As a result, you’ll no longer have to worry about the office becoming unsafe during the year’s hottest days.

You’ll also have happier employees and clients happy to escape the heat. In addition, commercial AC options are often more effective than residential HVAC systems. These advanced systems use centrifugal chiller technology to maintain the office’s temperature throughout the summertime.

Switch Your Light Bulbs

Another great way to lower your office’s temperature is using energy-efficient light bulbs. Traditional light bulbs produce more heat than light and slowly warm up an area over time.

Your employees are likely impacted by light-generated heat in offices with large light fixtures and lamps. Switch out your current bulbs with fluorescents or LED options. LEDs are the most efficient type of office lighting available because they produce essentially no heat waste.

Adjust Work Hours

Many workplaces struggle to keep the office cool enough during the summer. For example, you may get a lot of direct sunlight in the afternoon or have a lot of employees in one confined area. If possible, adjust your hours so that more of the work day takes place during the cooler periods.

Allow employees to dress more comfortably and take frequent breaks during the day. For example, heat often builds in the afternoon between noon and three. Allow employees to work around those hours to be more comfortable and safe.

Turn Off Electronics

Make sure to turn off your electronics when you’re not using them. At the end of each work day, power down every computer and appliance-like printers and copiers. Electronics generate heat while on, even if they’re just on standby mode.

Turning off the office’s tech can cool down the area and make your employees more comfortable. Utilize power strips so you can turn off several electronics at once. This is also a great way to lower your office’s overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.

In Summary

Keeping cool during the summer can be challenging to manage in the workplace. However, lowering your office’s temperature is a great way to keep your employees comfortable and motivated.

Start by utilizing options like adding a new water cooler and installing fans around the office. You can also always consider installing a new air conditioner for refreshing cool air that keeps the whole office safe and comfortable.

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