Buy Coloured Lenses Safely And Maintain Your Eye Health

Buy Coloured Lenses Safely And Maintain Your Eye Health

The use of coloured contact lenses is not a rare story nowadays. People are not just using them for fashion purposes, but they have been used for vision corrections too as the users don’t want to be left behind with the evolving fashion trends.

Then coloured contacts are also used for Halloween as coloured lenses Halloween. These lenses are too popular nowadays and if you have decided to wear them for any of the above reasons, then you should know how to purchase them.

That is because coloured contact lenses are considered medical devices as you are going to wear them on your eyes. It is imperative that you take proper care of your eye health. That begins with the purchase of coloured contact lenses.

Whether you want to spice up your lifestyle or you are just looking for Halloween fun, you better follow all the safety rules of purchasing coloured lenses.

Below are the steps you should do.

Get Your Eyes Examined By A Doctor

It is great that you are going to use coloured contact lenses. These lenses are perfectly safe to wear. But, you should at least get your eyes examined before you use coloured lenses for the first time. This would help you understand the different types of coloured lenses out there and which type would suit you better.

The doctor would help you find the best fit for your eyes and also the cleaning solution that would suit your eyes.

Tell Your Doctor Everything

When you are with your doctor, tell him all about your health history. You might have allergy to a certain material or solution. This would help the doctor prescribe you the right coloured contact lenses that you can use for yourself. Being cautious than getting treatment.

Purchase Your Coloured Contact Lenses From A Trustworthy Place

The big issue is that people usually compromise on the quality of the coloured lenses just because they are getting cheaper alternatives. If you are thinking coloured lenses are different to contact lenses, then you are wrong.

Coloured contact lenses need to be purchased only from a well-known online store or brand. Never compromise on the quality of the coloured contact lenses.

Do your research properly, ask your friends who use coloured lenses, look for online reviews and ask past customers. Only with thorough research you would find the right store.

Maintain your Coloured Contact Lenses Properly

In order to use coloured contact lenses safely, you are always required to maintain them and keep them cleaned. That means you have to use the disinfectant solution to clean the debris, particles and the tears from your eyes after using them. After that store them in their storage case safely.

Maintaining the storage case is also important

Of course, the place where you are going to store the contact lenses is to be kept clean and safe. Make sure you clean it with the same disinfectant solution so that nothing foreign remains in the case.

The case should be filled with a fresh solution every time you are going to restore the lenses in the case. Throw away the old solution and then refill it.

Don’t wash your lenses with water or a homemade solution

Coloured contact lenses come with their own disinfectant solution that is made just for them. That means you are not allowed to use any water or any other homemade solutions to clean the lenses.

That is because water contains other micro-organisms that could get on your lenses and grow. Secondly, you do not know what the homemade solution is made up of, the chemical composition, it could damage the lenses. So only use the solution that came with the lenses.

Do not sleep without taking of coloured lenses

You should not sleep without taking off your coloured contact lenses. It is not healthy for your eyes and can cause abrasion. But if you do that by mistake, then do not panic.

Wake up, realize and then just re-wet your eyes with a dropper and then take off your coloured lenses. After that, you should consult your doctor to see everything is ok.

Never share your coloured contact lenses with anyone.

Many people are tempted to show off their coloured contact lenses. Nothing wrong with that, you can wear them and show them off. But never share them with anyone. Sharing would only damage your eyes as it could transmit eye diseases from one person to another.

Do not wear Coloured lenses for too long

Many packages of coloured lenses have time mentioned on them that tells to wear them only for certain hours. That is because your lenses cover the eyes and hinder oxygen provision. So make sure to take them off after 6-8 hours use. Your eyes need rest too and air to breathe.

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