An Overview (Partnership| Manufacturing | Career) of Pharmaceutical Companies in Qatar

An Overview (Partnership| Manufacturing | Career) of Pharmaceutical Companies in Qatar

The pharmaceutical industry in the world is changing rapidly. Qatar is developing an integrated healthcare sector for improving citizens’ health. The intention is to expand the lifeline of each person.

The pharmaceutical companies in Qatar are revisiting the budget to make medicines affordable and accessible for all irrespective of nationality.

The pharma sector of Qatar relies on importing medicines from outside to a great extent. In 2016, it had a value of US$ 559 million. The Ministry of Public Health shaped the pharma market.

The main objective was to eliminate the governmental controls over medicine price. Again, more number of generic medicine suppliers are joining hands with the nation.

Open market system in Qatar:

Abolishment of governmental control over the cost of medicine has led the way to an open market system.

No policy is present in relation to generic medicines’ bioequivalence. The government is now promoting more usage of generic medicines though there is the prevalence of using branded medicines.

The healthcare expenditure of the Qatari government has increased due to importing branded medicines from renowned pharma companies that operate at the multinational level.

Let’s see what pharmaceutical manufacturing Qatar is dealing with:

Manufacturing hubs in Qatar are covering a wide range of areas like dialysis solutions, intravenous infusions, topical drug, generic medicines, etc. The firms are providing highly effective and safe medicines to the domestic and international market.

All the pharmaceutical companies in Qatar are presently manufacturing superior quality medicines that can effectively meet the needs of patients. The objective is to protect people with health challenges throughout the world.

The manufacturing facilities are extremely advanced. The wealthy people of the nation are investing in improving the manufacturing infrastructure and equipment.

The companies develop market and export good quality pharmaceutical products which include oral liquids, oral solids, semi-solids, eye and ear drops, tablets, capsules, solutions for domestic as well as MENA region specifically.

Again, there are medicine exporters in Qatar that get inspiration from the project named “Qatar National Vision 2030.”

The key priority is being given to the quality. The cGMP certified companies are manufacturing the best quality products obeying the guidelines.

The companies strictly stick to the National and International Regulatory Requirements for the production of world-class products. They are continuously bringing improvement to the quality standards for satisfying the needs of customers.

Partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturing Qatar:

The pharmaceutical manufacturing and medicine exporters in Qatar have the ability to offer comprehensive services that are assisted by proficient research and development.

Hence, partnering with these firms can help in private labelling, contract manufacturing, distribution locally and internationally, importing and exporting, toll manufacturing, the supply of finished products, packaging, and so on.

Keeping the environment clean is another objective of these firms. Hence, along with human’s health, Qatar’s medicine manufacturing companies are focusing on creating a clean environment. It will give high-quality life to people.

Research and development in Qatar:

At present, generic medicine suppliers in Qatar are stocking abundant funding for research and development so that their portfolio can reach a maximum number of patients.

The coverage areas are cardiovascular, therapeutic drugs, anti-infective, analgesics, respiratory, gastrointestinal, etc.

The job opportunities in pharmaceutical companies in Qatar:

Nowadays, ample vacancies have been there in Qatar’s pharma companies. The criteria to bag a good designation are as follows:

The candidates will get preference if they have prior experience of working in the same industry for at least 3 years.

  • Aspirations must possess knowledge about quality analysis, quality control, research and development, and, production of medicines.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Pharmacy is preferred.
  • Must know speaking, reading, and writing in English
  • Must have computer skills

The benefits that candidates will get:

  • Free accommodation
  • Free insurance
  • Free medical
  • Free transport

Daily working hours:

  • 8 hours

The number of Working days:

  • 6 days in a week

The probation period is of 3 months. The initial employment duration is 2 years. Qatar Labor Law is followed. The candidates have to undergo a telephonic interview, and their documents must be selected in order to progress to the next round.

  Candidates have to produce the following documents:

  • A detailed resume that must contain contact number of the candidate
  • Colour copy of candidate’s passport (must include first page, ECNR page, and last page)
  • Recent passport size colour photo
  • Scanned colour copy of certificates (Education, Qualification and experience)

At the end:

Qatar has successfully fulfilled many projects that are mentioned in the National Health Strategy 2011-2016. Right now, the nation is looking forward to meeting future plans.

The new five-year strategy includes specific preventive measures for attaining good health. Qatar’s National Vision 2030 is supported by short-term master plans. The aim is to build a world-class healthcare system.

Though Qatar has a small market size yet the growth of non-communicable diseases and population are rising the demand for treatment.

The high spending per capita on medicine will definitely generate new opportunities for multinational medicine manufacturers.

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