7 Ways to Style Tunic Tops

7 Ways to Style Tunic Tops

Regardless of your dress style, it can be easy to mix and match pieces based on your style preferences. One of the most versatile pieces of clothing is a tunic top.

Tunic tops come in a variety of designs and colors, but some people still find tunic tops to be sort of bland and unoriginal. So if you’re in need of some fashionable ways to style your tunic tops, you’ve come to the right place!

What Exactly Is a Tunic Top?

A tunic is an item of clothing that goes over the top half of the body, like a standard shirt. However, a tunic can be as long as down to the knees.

Although tunics are made of several different materials, they are usually made of cotton, polyester fabric, or even made of sweater material.

Tunics are also loose-fitting and can either be pulled over the head or buttoned-down. Unlike a long blouse, the hemline of a tunic is usually the same length all around.

Tunics can be purchased in short, long, and ¾ sleeves in addition to with or without pockets. Another feature in tunics is side slits, giving the wearer more freedom of movement.

Some ways to style a tunic are listed below.

1. Tunic Over Leggings

Leggings were once considered casual attire and reserved for the gym. They can be cotton but contain a good amount of lycra or spandex, making them snug against the body. Wearing a tunic top over leggings is a great way to make leggings a more structured piece of clothing acceptable for many settings, including the office.

2. A Tunic Over a Bathing Suit

Although shaming or even pointing out a woman’s shape is looked down upon, many women are still not comfortable walking around a pool or bathing suit without a coverup. Here is where they can add flair to their swimwear. A tunic makes a great coverup, whether at the beach or pool. For stylishly laying on a tropical beach, a multi-colored tunic in any length makes for the perfect pairing on the sand.

3. A Tunic With Straight-Leg Pants

If chino or khaki-style pants are a staple in your wardrobe, you will also find tunics an excellent pairing option that makes styling easy.

For the person on the go or with meetings or other activities after work, a uniform of a stylish tunic and chinos or khaki’s are perfect.

The jess and jane line of tunic shirts have pretty graphic designs that will spice up your workplace wardrobe, allowing you to be professional and fashionable at the same time.

4. Tunic Tucked Into a Skirt

A tunic is a great way to add proportion to a long or short skirt if skirts are a favorite part of your wardrobe.

That means that if you want to pair it with a short skirt, tucking the tunic into the front and letting it hang out in the back will elongate your legs. You can also wear a long skirt and keep your tunic top flowing on the outside of your skirt as a great styling option.

5. A Tunic as a Dress

Longer tunics have a special place in a wardrobe since they can do double duty as a dress. Regardless of whether you have long legs or short legs, if your tunic hits below your knees or at least a little above your knees, it makes a perfect dress. When the weather permits, pairing your tunic dress with a pair of cute flat sandals is ideal.

However, when the weather is cooler, pairing your tunic dress with patterned tights and boots will keep the wearer warm and swoon-worthy.

6. A Tunic With a Cardigan

If you want to wear your tunic during the colder seasons of the year while still being stylish, you can! Simply pair your tunic top with an open-front cardigan. Complete the tunic and cardigan combo with a thick, fringed scarf and some booties or knee-high boots. This stylish outfit will definitely make you feel warm, cozy, and confident.

7. A Tunic With Accessories

In addition to long pendant necklaces, matching a tunic top with accessories is a great way to give your tunic more flair. Along with necklaces, tunics look great with belts.

That can include metal chain belts and different-width leather belts. Although adding a belt to a tunic may not be ideal for the tunic top worn as a dress, it is perfect for a tunic paired with legging or pants.

Final Thoughts

As you have read, a tunic is a longer top usually cut loose, can be made for every season, and some even have pockets. Tunics are easy to wear and above are just seven style options that you should try if you enjoy wearing tunics.

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