5 Best Single-Leg Pro Exercises for Strength, Balance & Agility

5 Best Single-Leg Pro Exercises for Strength, Balance & Agility

leg workoutStronger bones can be built as a result of stronger muscles. This also reduces the risk of fractures.

Strength training and proper sport gear have also proved to be beneficial for the diagnosis of individuals with diseases like osteoporosis.

Stronger legs also help in agility as well as balance. Bigger muscles in the leg also mean a higher metabolism. It becomes the requirement of the body to have more energy in order to support the extra muscle.

Advantages of Unilateral Exercises

The biggest advantage of incorporating unilateral exercises in your workout program is that it adds more pressure to the body’s core muscles.

The lower-back as well as the abs are more engaged while doing unilateral exercises than in bilateral exercises. One leg balance exercises also help in removing the imbalance between the different sides of the body.

No idea which one leg exercises must be included in your workout programs? Here are 5 exercises that are best for strength, balance, and agility.

1. Forward and Reverse Lunges

One leg lunge is perfect for everyone to include in their workout schedule. The forward lunge is designed in a way that requires moving forward and placing the complete weight of the body on the front leg.

Another thing that is important to keep in mind while doing this one, the front knee must be extended at an angle more than 90 degrees.

The reverse lunge is also similar to the forward lunge, but it needs you to move backward instead of moving forward.

Both these exercises affect the hamstrings as well as the quads in the rising and lowering movements. 

lunge exercise

2. The 1.5 Rep Dumbbell Split Squat

Having doubts on what is the one leg test for hip pain? Then you should definitely try out the 1.5 rep leg dumbbell split squad.

This one is the perfect alternative in order to improve stability-based motor control around the hip joint. This area needs emphasis by most of the people.

After achieving progress on the pyramid movement from the split-squad which is the traditional one for two feet.

The mistake that is usually made with this exercise is the intermediary step gets overlooked, and this step can have an intense effect on the kinematic stance pattern.

There are two ways in which you can increase the difficulty of this exercise. Among the two, loading is the better way since we are targeting hip and knee pain in one leg.

This exercise must be done following the right steps to maximize the advantage of it. In this one, one needs to place one leg forward and then at an angle of 90 degree need to go all way down and then half way up.

3. Single Arm Single Leg Paused RDL with ISO-Hold

Ask yourself this question and answer truthfully: Did you start exercising because you wanted answers on how to increase leg flexibility in one week?

If the answer to your question was yes, then start the single leg RDL because it is one of the most powerful exercises.

In order to master this exercise, you need to have strict control on your stability. Putting an emphasis on pre-tensioning the shoulder, glutes, and core and work as a functional unit.

If you really wish to challenge yourself, you can try out the loaded isometric stretch along with the bottom range motion on the last set.

This will be tough but a considerate challenge. If you are able to achieve this exercise, then it will also reduce your one leg fight.

single arm single leg

4. One Leg Curl

Having trouble while exercising since one leg is shorter than the other. The Single leg curl is the best solution for one leg shorter than the other exercises.

This one also helps in strength training and will help in strengthening your hamstring and glute.

To perform this one, you need to lie down on your face on the machine. Instead of using both the legs in order to lift the curl bar, you need to use only one.

If you cannot do it on a machine, this can also be performed while standing upright. In the beginning, you might experience one leg swelling. By standing upright, you can lift the left foot at 90 degrees with the left knee. After this, slowly lift and then lower the left foot. Then the same thing needs to be done with the right leg.

5. One Leg Press

Can growing pains lie in one leg? The answer is yes. But this pain can also be reduced with the single leg press. It also is a great way to build strength in your leg overall. It also helps in growing muscles on the legs. This one involves pushing the weighted platform, but only with one leg at a time. This helps in forcing the leg to work harder. According to research, it has been seen that muscle activation on most quadriceps, the feet should be kept at a lower platform.

Making certain changes in these exercises will also prove to be a more intense regime for workout and guarantee a better amount of fitness as well. Adding weights to your training program will also improve your health and workout.

Most of the workout places have a wide range of weights. Weight training is always beneficial. This also enables you to select the exercise that will increase your strength along with your agility and balance.

If you are working at home for unilateral exercises, then it is better to be well aware of the safety and security behind single-leg exercises.

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