Will New Technology Improve Lift Station Operations

Will New Technology Improve Lift Station Operations

Technology is constantly changing, and it’s also changing how we interact with just about everything around us. Technology has changed how we communicate, how we work, how we solve medical issues, and so much more.

It’s easy to believe that technology will soon also improve how our sewage and water systems work. Technology is bound to improve lift station operations, especially as technology becomes more powerful in smaller packages. But how is technology bound to help lift stations?

Ease Of Use

Technology is constantly improving just how easy something is to use. From phones to televisions to microwaves, things get smarter and more intuitive all of the time.

These objects may be smarter, but they’re also pretty user-friendly. Of course, phones may not be as simple as a rotary anymore, but for the depth of their capabilities, these devices are relatively easy to use and understand.

The same can be said of lift stations and other sewage technology. As tech advances, it’s easy to see that your Red Light or Sensaphone Dialing Systems will become more advanced.

These systems may become more advanced, but their ease of use will become easier than ever, especially when considering what these systems will then be able to achieve.

Things are becoming easier to use. This is great, as it’ll be easier to train more people to work with these lift stations.

This is a great improvement because not only will it increase jobs, but it’ll allow these systems to be better maintained and improved. The more people who have lift station knowledge, the sooner they’ll advance.

New Alarms

Your lift station alarm is exceptionally important for the longevity and safety of your unit. It’s easy to see that technology is sure to improve your station alarm, especially because it already has. The S2C monitoring system uses cellular technology to monitor your pump and warn you of issues. The device is SCADA to cloud device, offering up to ten monitoring points.

Alarms like these offer real-time text alerts and consistent monitoring. These units have already shown plenty of advancement and are sure to continue to advance rapidly.

With technology making it easier than ever to monitor and react to possible issues, the longevity of your unit is bound to last even longer. Technology is also sure to advance in a way that is sure to make more monitoring aspects possible.

We may even soon see a multi-functional system that tests the quality and structural integrity of multiple aspects surrounding the unit. Such technology can help prevent disaster before it has a chance of happening.

There may also be more monitoring advancements, such as video capabilities, down the line. Technology is making it so that we’re now able to stay two steps ahead, preventing any issues well before they can happen. While these advancements are only beginning, they’re sure to be the new normal just twenty years from now!

Less Manpower

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with a lift station is hoisting them. It’s speculated that most lift stations will be upgraded to where electric hoists do the man-power saturated tasks. This will help plenty of people who struggle to stay in their job due to physical ailments.

It’s easy to see that technology has the potential to make caring for lift stations and utilizing them much easier than before. Our technology is bound to improve inside and out, making these systems more advanced and less exhausting. We’re also bound to see installation become even easier.

The installation of these systems will most likely continue to evolve, becoming easier to do every year. Of course, knowledge of lift stations will still be required, but the actual mechanical process is bound to become even less difficult to complete.

There are many ways that technology will lessen the struggles with lift stations and their operations. From micro-sensors to new alarm systems that are able to be monitored closely in real-time, to even more advancements, it’s easy to say that technology is changing lift station operations.

We’ll also see electric hoisting capabilities, taking the struggle out of that operation. Soon, working with lift stations may be as easy as pressing a few buttons. Technology is changing lift station operations in big ways, and there’s no doubt that these changes and improvements will continue for the foreseeable future.

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