Why You Should Get Your Eye Checked Today

Why You Should Get Your Eye Checked Today

In October 2011, the World Health Organisation published some alarming figures of people who suffer from visual impairments.

Surprisingly, many of these impairments could have been avoided. In light of this, one of the UK’s prominent eye care professionals thought it necessary to remind the public of the need for regular eye checks. Several of which can be done for free.

Over 285 million people worldwide are estimated to have one form of visual impairment or the other. Out of the 285 million people, 39 million suffer from blindness.

Many of these impairments could have been avoided if proper eye checks were done. Regular eye check is very important, especially for young and middle-aged adults so that any possible eye defect can be detected in time.

UK eye care experts, Optimal Vision, offer professional and cost-effective eye checkup services in various locations in the UK.

Some of these eye examinations are free, while others require payment and they can easily be done in any of our clinics near you.

This means that there really is no excuse for not going to get your eye checked regularly. Constant eye checkups can prevent certain eye defects and save you from losing your eyesight.

It is possible for previously unknown eye problems to be discovered during the checkup, thus allowing you to treat the problem before it gets worse.

This method is faster, cost-effective and also provides medical experts with useful information about the overall health status of various people.

Interestingly, a large percentage of blindness in the world is preventable and can be cured either totally or partially. The treatment for these illnesses is often quite affordable and cost-effective.

Many people do not know this because they are unaware of the incredible strides science and medicine have made in recent times. A lot of questions and doubt are usually answered and cleared up during these checkups.

As one of the world’s leading specialists on eye care, Optimal Vision is committed to providing all things necessary for regular checkups and examinations.

Early signs of other existing health conditions such as cataracts, diabetes, hypertension or tumours can also be discovered during these examinations.

Cataract, for instance, is one of the leading causes of blindness. About half of the world’s cases of blindness (roughly 18 million people) is due to the cataract.

Early detection of the disease can be treated through the Natural Lens Replacement procedure. This procedure is frequently used by eye care experts and has become a common treatment for cataract.

This is just one example of how eye checkups can save you from future eye-health complications.

Since it is normal to go see a doctor when you feel ill, it is also expected that you go to an eye care specialist when you have problems with your eyesight.

There are also treatments available for other eye problems like presbyopia, astigmatism (irregularity of the cornea), long/short-sightedness etc. These treatments are carried out using advanced technology premium lens.

At Optimal Vision, our eye care specialists are skilled at performing these procedures, making use of advanced technology to produce great results.

As such, if you need a corrective procedure, you can be certain that you are in very good hands.

Natural Lens Replacement and laser surgery are the two methods used in many eye corrective procedures. They are painless and straightforward, and they function swiftly and efficiently.

Since their invention and introduction to the medical world, these treatments have changed the lives of millions of people globally.

They have helped grant people another opportunity to make use of their eyesight.

The Natural Lens Replacement procedure is usually done by one of our top surgeons, and the whole process takes just about 20 minutes.

The patient is kept under local anaesthesia, which wears off shortly after the surgery. The patient can resume work and normal daily activities a few days after the surgery.

The result of the surgery is dependent on the health status of the patient’s eye. In many cases, vision enhancement happens almost immediately after the treatment.

Improvement in sight continues within the next few weeks after treatment. To ensure a complete and total recovery, all patients are given a comprehensive aftercare programme.

Adults who are over 40 and want to improve the sharpness of their eyesight are typically the group of people perfect for a Natural Lens Replacement.

Another group that benefits greatly from the Natural Lens Replacement procedure are those who suffer from myopia or hyperopia (short or long-sightedness), astigmatism (corneal irregularity) and presbyopia (those who need glasses to read).

Also, patients who have been diagnosed to be unsuitable for the laser eye surgery can make use of the Natural Lens Replacement procedure instead. People with a high prescription or those above a certain age often fall into this category.

There are several advantages to using this highly sophisticated treatment for eye problems.

It offers a safe and swift option for enhancing your eyesight and reducing your dependency on contact lens or glasses. It is also a safe procedure, and it helps get rid of cataract for life.

This is why it is important for you to get your eyesight checked out today. There are several eyesight problems you can prevent if you get diagnosed early enough.

Technological improvements have made it possible to live with improved vision even at an older age. You just need to ensure you regularly get your eyes checked out at an eye clinic near you.

Take the first step by booking an appointment with one of our highly skilled optometrists. All your concerns and questions will be adequately addressed by our medical experts.

Now that you know how important it is for you to get your eyes checked out, you can visit us today to book your appointment and begin your journey to a brighter and clearer future.

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