Why is the Engagement Ring Very Important to Her

Why is the Engagement Ring Very Important to Her

If you know anything about women, you will know how excited any woman gets when a guy gets down on the knee! It can be a friend getting proposed or someone in a movie; the excitement will nevertheless be the same.

They will fawn over the most expensive diamond engagement ring and discuss this with their friends for the next three months.

It can be difficult to understand why it is so important for women to have an engagement ring as a guy. It should be enough if you randomly ask her to marry you, right?

Wrong! Engagement rings hold a special significance in a woman’s heart. If you want to know why then read on:

It Is A Symbol Of Your Love And Devotion:

An engagement ring on her finger will constantly remind her of your love. She will show it to all her friends, smile while looking at the ring, and relive the precious moment when you popped the question. It will communicate it not just to her but also other people that she is committed to you.

It Provides A Sense Of Security

Most women enter a relationship with intent to marry. While relationships can be tricky and confusing, what better way to show her your intent than to give her the most beautiful diamond engagement ring?

It will show your partner that out of thousands of women around you, you have chosen only her. This will build her trust in you and provide her something to gush about forever!

It Is A Dramatic Expression Of Your Feelings

Women love it when men express their feelings. Sure, you can take her on romantic dinners or send her flowers at work, but give her a ring to seal the deal, and she will remember that moment forever.

Everyone Does It

A girl can feel left out if most of her friends are engaged or if she has been in a relationship for a long time. While she might enjoy doing things differently, a ring is not something women like to compromise on.

Giving her a ring will show that you are serious about her. And this is a very valid reason to shop for gold and platinum engagement rings.

The Importance of Diamond in Engagement Rings:

When you say engagement ring, you picture a golden band with a large diamond in the centre. Diamonds have become a classic representation of undying love and commitment. There are several reasons why they have become so prominent:

People Think Of Them Highly:

Diamonds have a high reputation going about for them. It all started with a campaign from a diamond jeweler, which said, “Diamonds are forever.”

From then on, more and more people began preferring diamonds for engagement rings. And because they are so expensive, your lady will know you are serious about this.

They Are Timelessly Fashionable.

Nothing says classy like a good diamond. They are a symbol of elegance and luxury. You must have heard of the famous saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Gift a girl a diamond, and she will happily flaunt it for the rest of her life! (and she will remember you for it too!)

They Are Solid And Durable

Gemstones are measured for their hardness on a Mohr’s scale, which ranges from 1 to 10. Diamonds stand the highest on the Mohr’s scale with a rating of 10, which means they are one of the hardest gemstones available.

This matters because engagement rings are meant for everyday wear. By buying a durable stone, you ensure that the ring looks the same twenty years from now.

How to Choose a Good Diamond?

The cost and looks of a diamond are dependent on 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat. While carat is only the weight of the diamond, the other 3Cs determine how the diamond looks.

Cut: The cut of a diamond enhances its looks. The facets are arranged in such a way to refract maximum light and provide the diamond its well-known shimmer. For engagement rings, round, cushion, oval, and princess cuts are popular.

Clarity: The clarity of a diamond refers to the absence of flaws. The more flawless the diamond, the more expensive it is. Buy a diamond that doesn’t have apparent flaws for your classic engagement ring.

Color: Most diamonds have a yellowish tinge. Even though colorless diamonds are expensive, sometimes diamonds with a slight yellow tinge look beautiful for engagement ring settings and mountings.

Bottom line:

Engagement rings are an essential milestone in a woman’s life. Now that you know why they are important, you can choose the perfect ring for her using the above tips.

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