Why Do You Need A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

Why Do You Need A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

Are you trying to find an investment advisor? A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is a financially savvy person or business that helps people with their money. 

RIAs are different from other types of financial managers because they have a job to look out for your best interests. 

You can find out if an RIA is the right type of financial advisor for you based on what you read here.

What is RIA : Authorized To Give Investment Advice 

An RIA is a business that the federal or state government licenses to give financial advice. Registered financial consultant near me is different from other financial advisors because:

  • RIAs owe their clients a lot of care and attention. For you, this means they have always to do what's best for your money and give you the cheapest goods that meet your wants. 
  • Broker-dealers and other non-RIA financial experts may only have to give clients advice that is right for them. This means they can give clients good financial help that may earn them sales commissions or bigger fees. RIAs sign up at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state securities officials.

How Much Do RIA Fees Cost?

RIAs usually charge their clients a fee every year equal to a portion of the assets they handle, usually between 1% and 3%. 

We have data from 2019, the most recent year for which fees were known to be 1.17 percent of assets under management (AUM). 

That means a client with $100,000 in funds that an RIA manages would pay the firm $1,170 a year for their skills.

For these new models, you can pay $200 for an hour of coaching, a flat fee every month, or $1,000 for a year of all the help and advice you need. 

You can meet with an RIA for a free initial meeting, and they will help you figure out what kind of relationship and price works best for your needs. 

It's important to remember that not all RIAs offer different price options. You should look around to find one that has the relationship and fee structure you want.

Rias Sign Up With The SEC And State Agencies

RIAs need to register with either the SEC or the body in charge in their own state. 

Size plays a big role in whether they register with one or the other: Most of the time, an RIA has to register with the SEC if they handle investments worth $100 million or more. 

If they have less than that, they usually have to file with the securities board in their state.

Some things are different. An RIA can choose to register with the SEC instead of 15 or more states if it has to. 

If their state does not have a law that regulates agents, an RIA can also sign up with the SEC.

Why Hiring An RIA Firm Is A Good Idea

  • The fact that RIA firms follow a fiduciary standard is the best reason to use one.
  • Another benefit is that costs are clear. When you hire an RIA, they might charge a flat fee or by the hour. When there is a flat fee structure, the fee is usually a set amount of the client's assets that are being managed. To become an RIA, a company has to register with the SEC. This means that you will always know about these costs. In the sometimes scary world of buying, this helps take some of the guessing out of it.
  • An RIA can give you personalized help based on your age, life stage, financial goals, and willingness to take on risks. They can help you figure out the best investments or methods to help you meet your goals and guide you through big changes in your life or times when the market is volatile. RIAs tend to be more neutral because they must protect their clients.


The help of a registered financial advisor could be useful whether you're new to investing or need some help handling your current account. Several things about RIAs make them trustworthy financial experts. 

There is a duty of care and regular reporting of RIAs' costs, conflicts of interest, and other things. These are the most important.

There are a lot of different styles and sizes of RIAs. This means that you should really think about which RIA you want to work with before you decide to hire one. 

These experts will, after all, have direct power over your money and belongings.

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