What to know when planning a commercial LED lighting Retrofit

What to know when planning a commercial LED lighting Retrofit

What it is, what are the benefits & how to plan

The term LED lighting retrofit means the lightning connection makeover. It means you are replacing your old bulbs with LEDs. LED bulbs and lights last longer, and they are more ecologically friendly than the traditional ones.

Along with residential spaces, you can place these latest LEDs in commercial spaces also. When you plan to get your commercial space like an office, store, or factory equipped with the latest LED lighting,

We call it a commercial LED lighting retrofit. To make this exercise fruitful, your electrical materials supplier should provide you with the best quality LED lighting.

Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

  • Energy-efficient Lights

The LED lights last longer for more than 3 times in comparison to traditional bulbs. And the energy-saving done by LEDs is also more than 25-80% than conventional bulbs. It is low maintenance light with less mercury waste.

  • Saves Money & Tax

The switching to LED may take an initial investment. But it gets you to return in some time only. And after that, it’s pure money saving on electrical expenses.

Various energy analysis software has determined the LED lighting provides a 3$ return on every dollar spent on its installation. Moreover, the government offers tax rebate facilities to firms that use sustainable lights such as LEDs.

  • Increased Productivity & Safety

LED lighting retrofit provides staff and workers with better light quality. Hence, the quality of their work improves, and the chances of misshape decrease. And with long-lasting LED lights, risky jobs such as changing the light get reduced.

Points to Consider While Planning Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit

  • Focus Area of Your Business

Always keep your business’s purpose, space, and ambiance requirements in mind while planning LED lighting retrofit. For instance, the lighting requirements of a restaurant, a manufacturing unit, and a clothing store are different.

  • Working Condition

A remodel building, new construction, and an old construction will have different prerequisites. It would be best to work on commercial LED lighting retrofit according to your location and environment’s specific circumstances.

  • Financial Planning

It is essential to plan your source of money for the upgrade. There are tax rebates, credits, and incentives provided by some regions and cities to install environmentally-friendly LED lights.

If you are not financially comfortable or equipped to do this change, these tax rebates can come in handy to save some money.

  • Maintenance Time & Cost

Commercial LED lighting is easier to maintain. They last longer, so there is a minimum number of bulb change required with LED lighting. If your workers are working all the time and significantly less free time available to maintain or change the lighting, you need an upgrade.

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

The decision to renovate the lights shouldn’t only be based on the cost. It would help if you also considered the future ROI with LED lights. When you calculate the ROI, you will realize that it’s worth it to stretch your budget for this.

Step by Step Process for LED Lighting Retrofit

  1. First of all, decide upon your desired goal out of this exercise and the scale of upgrade.
  2. By the scale we mean, what all areas you want to cover through commercial LED lighting. Define those areas
  3. Call an expert for auditing existing electrical materials and lighting. They will evaluate the need and cost of the renovation.
  4. Order suitable LEDs and get them installed
  5. Start calculating the money-saving and ROI!

Parting Words!

Commercial LED lighting retrofit is a simple process of acquiring green energy solutions along with monetary benefits.

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