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What does Site Survey mean & How to Do a Site Survey

What does Site Survey mean & How to Do a Site Survey

A site survey is the search for places or places to get data or information. This in order includes possibility reports, cost estimate, and the time essential to perform assured tasks.

A site survey consists of dissimilar techniques and fundamentals, depending on the type of schedule you need to do at that locality.

One of the most significant tasks before establishing actual project work is to investigate where the task is anticipated.

These not only provide information to the project manager but can also save many problems and possible danger for the task.

The use of technology can shrink many of the risks that arise during the planning segment of a project. A site survey usually involves a series of site visits, while many aspects are detectable when doing so.

Site surveys are frequent in large technology projects, such as new network installations as well as previous network updates.

When to apply for a Site Survey?

Whether you are creating a new voice and data network or changing your work environment, a site survey can be very helpful in verifying and evaluating your network infrastructure.

Site inspection methodologies include evaluations, alternative analytical methods (focusing on installed equipment, expiration of warranty, replacement requirements, etc.), as well as resizing of network infrastructure based on availability required for the operation. Help

From the site survey, you can find out:

  • You have a problem with a device on your network.
  • You have an office area that is not covered by a Wi-Fi signal.
  • When there is interference from other devices, appliances, phones, etc.
  • If the design and characteristics of the installed device meet environmental requirements.
  • Whether the number of users and the access policies are appropriate for the areas highlighted in the operational plan.

How to Do a Site Survey?

If you are receiving a weak signal on your phone or mobile broadband in your building, and the call is erratic or the data rate is slow, the solution is to install a cellular signal booster system.

However, the exact equipment needed is highly dependent on signals outside the building. It is important to study the site to get an idea of ​​how weak the signal is and the size of the area to be covered. This will tell you what type of equipment is best for you.

Before getting started, it’s helpful to know a little bit about how the cellular signal booster system works.

That is, it consists of an antenna that receives the signal externally, an amplifier that improves the signal strength, and an internal antenna that redistributes the amplified signal. This allows you to receive a stronger signal on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

To conduct a site survey, you typically use a device that aims to improve the signal. If you need a better signal on your Smartphone or tablet, use that device.

If your laptop needs a better mobile broadband signal, connect a mobile broadband modem (or air card) to the laptop and measure the signal strength of the laptop.

How do you benefit from a wireless network site survey?

Manual mapping helps companies avoid errors and significantly reduce incident response times, including by identifying the source of minor outages due to interference and seasonal overhead from the use of network infrastructure.

This significant reduction in outages and time to manage problems has made site inspection applications a critical component of an efficient wireless network.

This technique extends the quality of coverage, ensures effective security and, in combination with wired networks, speeds up wireless networks.

When implementing a wireless network, keep in mind that configuration is part of a structured and strategic task and you will get good results.

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