Top Picks for Indian Stock Market Investors: Best Upcoming IPOs

Top Picks for Indian Stock Market Investors: Best Upcoming IPOs

The Indian stock market might be a boon to some but to some, it is a curse. The Indian stock market has witnessed the journey of the most successful IPO in India

From Zomato pouring in bucks of wealth to Nykaa offering wealth to investors who dared to invest and became the most subscribed IPO in India. But, there are a lot of IPOs to deal with. 

You might be wondering about the facts on how to identify the potential ones that are to rise up. 

Through this blog, we will take you on a tour of the most anticipated IPOs to achieve one of the market’s biggest successes.

Before delving straight into the topic, let us praise some of our champions in this journey.


1. Zomato: 

Yes, you read it right! It’s our very own food delivery application which generated massive interest to the investors. In 2021 despite undergoing several doubts it took a rocket flight of positivity thereby providing top interests to everyone.



The year 2021 witnessed another rising giant which is none other than your very own beauty brand, Nykaa. Nykaa showed rapid growth of customers in the beauty and wellness segment and became one of the best IPOs to buy at that time.


3.Dzial Foods: 

This name is one of the most famous and rapidly growing in the field of Foods and Beverage and due to its name and fame and a strong proven track record, this restaurant chain’s IPO resonated with fellow investors.

Well, it’s never magic! It has proper reasons behind being a successful IPO of the era. Do you know what the reasons are? Let us explore some!

  1. Companies showing a possibility to undergo rapid growth in the near future attract the attention of almost every investor. Such companies involve Electric Vehicles, Solar Panels, Beauty and Cosmetics, etc.
  2. Everybody on earth looks for peace and profitability on the same palm. Thus, in the field of stocks, you must always consider a company’s wealth, upcoming roadmap, and debt levels before buying any shares.
  3. Brands having a strong reputation catch the eye of numerous investors and become the most subscribed IPOs in India.
  4. If an experienced management team comes into the limelight, it inspires the investor's confidence. Thus, always try to go with the team that has proven track records of it’s success.

Well, now you are somewhat aware of the possibilities behind a successful IPO. Let us explore some upcoming IPOs.

1.Ola Electric Mobility:

The Ola Electric Mobility is suspected to be a game changer in this journey. Being in the domain of electric vehicles, Ola Electric Mobility tends to be an opportunity for good fortune in the near future.


It is one of the online payment platforms that tends to boost a significant user base and offers a robust payment gateway.

3.Sahajanand Medical Technologies:

Maybe the name is not known to many but this quite famous medical company caters to a crucial healthcare segment and with its enriching growing capacity, it is suspected to achieve something really big in the near future.

Although everything penned above sounds interesting and easy let me tell you it’s way too risky than you ever thought it to be! Before investing, always conduct thorough research and understand the company’s business model properly. 

Although the past success stories seem to be really amazing and promising, always remember that every single step is full of risks!

Concluding, the Indian IPO market is an emerging platform full of opportunities and excitement.

Since you came to the end of this blog you are now fully prepared to take a step forward and invest in the field of profitability. 

Happy investing!

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