Sexy Guide: What Does Your Body Language Say

Sexy Guide: What Does Your Body Language Say

In most cases, verbal communication is relatively straightforward – all you need to do is open your mouth and say what you want to convey.

However, communication does not only happen verbally. As you listen or speak, you also express reactions and feelings with your body language, including your stance, gestures, and facial expressions.

Taking out the butterfly vibrator can be a non-verbal form of communication.

Many people can decipher intentional non-verbal language without much problem.

If someone stamps their foot and rolls their eyes, you can have a decent idea of how they are feeling. However, unintentional non-verbal language is much more challenging to pick up.

Things To Remember About Body Language

Before we get the body signs of men and women, there are a few things one needs to remember about the subject – is body language real? Are body language experts telling the truth?

Based on experts, an individual’s body language plays a vital role in how we communicate with one another. The human brain prioritizes non-verbal communication to verbal communication.

Hence, it is crucial to understand that body or non-verbal language is not universal. Several things can impact how someone uses and interprets this form of non-verbal communication. They include:

Cultural Differences

The cultural background can have a significant influence on non-verbal communication. For instance, eye contact suggests interest and openness in Western cultures.

However, prolonged eye contact is avoided in Eastern cultures; instead, looking to the side or slightly nodding is considered more respectful.

Nodding also indicates agreement in most cultures; however, it may only mean acknowledgment in other cultures.

Developmental Differences

As compared to neurotypical people, neurodiverse individuals may interpret non-verbal communication differently. For instance, boredom leads to fidgeting in neurotypical people.

However, neurodiverse people fidget to self-soothe, calm nervousness, and/or increase focus.

Psychological Differences

A person’s body posture can also be affected by certain mental health conditions. For instance, if someone is suffering from social anxiety, it can be tough for them to talk eye to eye.

Then, some people may not shake hands with people they are meeting simply because they avoid touching others.

Overall, you should consider all aspects of communication if you want to learn how body language affects communication and engaging in the most successful communication.

This includes verbal communication, empathetic or active listening, and non-verbal communication, like body language. What body language says about a couple is a lot from what you can learn by hearing them talk verbally.

Top Female Body Language Signs That She Might Be Interested In You

Here are some common non-verbal communication signs that may indicate that a female has an interest in you:

1. Exposing Their Neck

The neck is considered a vulnerable part of the body because it contains the jugular vein. To protect themselves, people normally reach for their necks in discomfort.

However, if the person is feeling safe and comfortable, they may expose their necks. When a female is interested in you, they will brush their hair to the sides or tilt their shoulder forward and down.

What her body language is telling you is that she feels safe and comfortable around you.

2. Playing With Jewelry

While a female grabbing their necks may be a sign of discomfort, you should not jump to the conclusion straight away. One of the body language of attraction is that she is reaching out for her necklace.

If the movement is more of caress, sensual and slow, it can be a sign of flirting as well. However, fidgeting with her rings can be a sign of nervousness and discomfort.

3. Moving Objects

When sitting across a room or eating at a restaurant, a woman may move things out of the way. This signifies that she wants to be closer to you, especially if it follows by physical touch. It is a common sign of attraction for all genders.

4. Showing Facial Expressions

This sign is more visible in women than men. Smiling, arching the eyebrows, nodding their heads, and saying things like ‘oh, really?’ are some signs that the other person is interested or flirting with you.

While men do the same, this is more obvious with females and their flirty facial expressions.

5. Playing With Their Hair

When a woman twirls or plays with her hair around her finger, it could very well be a sign of flirtation. This can be confirmed if she is showing the inside of her wrist.

Based on studies, women will typically pull a strand of hair from the side or back of their heads when flirting. If they are readjusting the front of their heads, then it could indicate nervousness.

6. Licking Or Biting Their Lips

In most cases, biting their lips is a sign of flirtation; however, it can also be a sign of nervousness or both at the same time. Then, lip licking is done to draw attention to their lips or to moisten them before the kissing.

7. Touching

When a woman is interested in you, they will engage in the form of physical touch. This could be a tap on the knee or shoulder, a brush to the hand, or something more obvious like hand-holding or a hug.

Even men may do the same. However, the difference between the two is that men will see how you will react and whether you are comfortable enough.

Top Male Body Language Signs That He Might Be Interested In You

Here are some common non-verbal communication signs that may indicate that a male has an interest in you:

1. Open Posture

When a man’s hands and arms are uncrossed, his jaws are unclenched, shoulders are relaxed, and feet and shoulders are wide apart, it means his posture is open and comfortable.

This is the most common body language to attract females and is an indication that the male is attentive towards you and curious.

2. Can Physically See His Hands

If the guy does not keep his hands behind his back or in his pocket, it means that person is comfortable around you. This is why men should always know when to use body language and keep their hands on the table where the females can see them.

3. Relaxed Breathing

When the person has a slower breathing pace, he is relaxed and can be himself around you. This is considered a good sign because men like to feel easy and comfortable around their partners. This relaxed breathing also indicates that he is not nervous.

4. Lifting Eyebrows

When a man looks at someone and feels an instant attraction to her, he will automatically lift and lower their eyebrows. This will lead to wrinkling in their forehead in the process.

However, women will have to keep their eyes peeled for this sign since it is lightning quick. Many experts call it the eyebrow flash.

5. Palm Extending

When a man is offering his palm to you, it is a win-win situation. This action only means that he wants to connect with you on an emotional level.

The cooler fact here is that your brains will respond to his hand gesture with heightened alertness via the special region in our brains that can only process hand shapes. This way, you may actually feel the love.

6. Leaning In Close

When a male wants to get intimate, he will typically invade his personal space. However, men will position themselves at least a foot and half or two feet away.

If the guy wants to have sex with you, they will be less than an arm’s length. This is because he is trying to connect with you physically and create some intimacy.

7. Slouching Their Shoulders

When a man finds your actions sweet or adorable, he will get the urge to hold you. As a result, his shoulders will round off automatically, almost like he is about to take you in his arms.

The slump is an indication of attraction if you wonder what his body language will be like when you do something cute and funny.

When in a long-term relationship, this slouch is a sign that your actions will tug his heartstrings. If a new person is doing so, it may indicate a true connection.

Final Thoughts

Now, there is no way of saying whether or not body language can lie. However, is body language important? Yes, they are!

Experts are always studying more about body language because it is a universal language and one of the most common types of non-verbal communication.

If you know these non-verbal signs, you can very well know whether and if that person is attracted to you or not.

What do you think of all this? Would you add anything? Let us know in the comments!

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