Quit Smoking – Switch to the Safe and Secure Vape

Quit Smoking – Switch to the Safe and Secure Vape

It is well known that the cigarette is harmful to health; however, quitting smoking remains a difficult decision.

It is not only regular smokers who are unable to quit smoking; even sporadic smokers cannot give up the habit of cigarettes after coffee or during work breaks.

Many smokers have decided to switch to e-liquid cigarettes, or the electronic cigarette, as a first step towards giving up the harmful smoke of traditional cigarettes.

Because it is difficult to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is difficult due to the presence of nicotine inside the cigarette, as it is an addictive substance. Furthermore, there is a factor that should not be overlooked, that linked to the rituality of the smoking gesture and the social meaning of the cigarette;

It is difficult to quit, despite the fact that everyone knows the risk to health. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common in smokers, as the hazard coefficient increases dramatically in these subjects. Smoking is a harmful habit for the body because:

  • Increases blood clots;
  • Promotes high blood pressure;
  • Increases the chance of being affected by a heart attack.

Many smokers are aware of the health risks; for this reason, they have decided to fight against smoking by switching to the E-liquid UK, to give up the cigarette and heal from addiction gradually.

Thanks to the electronic cigarette, the body absorbs lesser amounts of nicotine, slowly getting used to doing without it.

What is an electronic cigarette

The first electronic cigarette model was released in China in 2003; several models of e-cigs have been launched on the market, nicotine vaporizers, which over time, have evolved into the types currently on the market.

You can buy cylindrical electronic cigarettes, similar and ballpoint pens, or with a square shape; in any case, the operation is always similar. The mechanism is aimed at generating steam by combining three elements:

The atomizer: it is used to heat the environment inside the cigarette producing steam; there is a sensor that detects the different pressure that is activated with the suction;

  • A lithium battery: powers the atomizer and is rechargeable;
  • A tank: it contains the flavored liquid and is refillable.

Some electronic cigarettes also have an LED that simulates the embers of the normal cigarette.

The Voro Vape is simple to use and does not require special maintenance. Moreover, they can also be used in the long term.

The liquid is known as e-juice; it is sold separately and can be purchased with different flavors.

Not all e-juices contain nicotine; in many cases, nostalgic cigarette smokers prefer tobacco flavored liquids, to reproduce in detail the experience of traditional smoking.

Benefits of the electronic cigarette

From the point of view of health benefits, the electronic cigarette has objective advantages compared to the traditional one.

The atomizer generates steam, so there is no combustion process; the organism, therefore, does not inhale carbon monoxide but a vapor.

Furthermore, the e-cig does not include the toxic components that are present in tobacco, paper, and filter, which are industrially treated by the companies that produce cigarettes.

The e-cig liquid contains water, glycerin, propylene glycol, and other additives, and the cigarette instead is composed of at least 70 carcinogens including

  • formaldehyde;
  • toxic gases;
  • tobacco nitrosamines;

Debate on the effects of e-cig is still ongoing, especially regarding the liquid and its chemical composition.

In fact, e-juice in 89% of cases contains propylene glycol, the long-term effects of which on the mouth and respiratory tract are still unknown.

But what are the rules to be followed by those who vape?

The ideal would be not to use electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes at the same time. To enjoy the benefits of e-cig, you must completely and definitively give up tobacco.

Otherwise, the use of the electronic device would no longer make sense. The e-cig must represent an intermediate step between tobacco and the definitive cessation of smoking. You can get the best premium e-liquids from Voro Vape online shop.

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