Latest Wedding Trends During COVID 19

Latest Wedding Trends During COVID 19

Weddings have always been a grand celebration with relatives and friends gathering. The pandemic has changed everything resulting in weddings with a few people around.

Moreover, the COVID 19 precaution has to be taken if ceremonies are conducted during the pandemic. This unseen chaos has brought a paradigm shift in the overall wedding scenario we had once.

People who were purchasing their bridal dress in Dubai have changed to a more convenient online shopping and bookings. 

However, the pandemic has brought a new change in the customs. People are handling everything through the internet – from the invitation process to shopping. Everything has changed its ways with the help of technology.

This new normality in conducting all the public functions has created a fashion in the wedding process, shopping accessories, and wedding dress in Dubai. Here are some of the latest wedding trends during COVID 19. 

A limited number of guests

Wedding planners have adapted to the new change and progressing the possibilities of the wedding through digital means. In the wake of COVID 19, they have come up with lime streaming and digital invitations to limit the number of guests following the government guidelines.

Marriages are conducted with limited intimate people and live streaming allows a possibility for others to watch the ceremony through digital media from their home.

Safety and precaution

The old wedding customs have changed and nowadays safety and precautions are the utmost concern for people.

Thus sanitizer and masks have been made mandatory to ensure safety during the wedding process. There are a few arranging separate functions to include all their relatives in a minimal number.

The new normal digital weddings

Lots of people are now unable to attend their intimate ones’ marriage, thus the planners arrange video broadcasting for those who cannot travel in.

E-invitation is given to avoid travelling and the traditional pre-wedding shoots at exotic places are no more possible. Most couples are taking advantage of the possible nearest places for the pre-wedding and post-wedding shoot. 

Food and venue

To ensure social distancing the conventional food serving system invading buffet is changed into table meals with a few around it. Obviously, the togetherness ought to be missed, but safety is more important for weddings during the pandemic.

The closed air-conditioned venues are no more favoured, while open and aerated venues are chosen for the wedding to guarantee social distancing.

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