Keep Your Work from Home Look on Point

Keep Your Work from Home Look on Point

Work from home has been trending around the globe for years now, and the current sweep of COVID-19 has forced it as an obligation. All the offices, governmental and private, are operating from home.

All the employees and business owners, irrespective of their scale, are operating in crisis-mode with all the employees working from their homes.

Well, even if you are working from your homes, video collaborations and online conferences are a daily occurrence. So, you just cannot sit in your comfortable PJs and be present as a bed-head in the conference.

Tips to keep your work from home look on-point!

1. Formal Shirts

These are the best and the most reliable apparel choice for working professionals. Further, the summers have also marked their entry. So, buy some cool shades of blues, ivory, and whites.

Formal shirts are perfect for meeting days, special client conferences, and other such significant events where you have to be well-dressed. To keep your look comfortable, you can pair it with your favourite cotton pants

or some trouser that are easily available online. You can also opt for semi-formal shirts to keep your work from home look casual and comfortable.

2. Pleated Shirts

Loose fitted pleated shirts are also an excellent dressing option that you can wear while working from your home. All you have to do is choose the style and design, keeping your dressing style in mind.

They are comfortable and are perfect for casual wear as well. Pair it with jeans, semi-formal pants or cotton pants. You can also pair it with culottes.

If you are choosing something serious, opting for subtle workwear colours like whites or toned down pleats, etc are some wise choices. You can shop the latest looks online on websites like Lifestyle that offer a wide range of semi-formal clothes.

You can also make use of Lifestyle Offers to make the shopping bills fit right inside your pockets.

3. Floral Dresses with Dramatic Sleeves

The floral patterns are trending this season in men’s and women’s fashion. If you still don’t have any clothing with floral print shop one right now! The floral dresses that end right above your knees are an excellent choice.

They are perfect for video conferences and are comfortable to be worn at home as well. Opt for the designs that come with small prints or self-print patterns for a classy look.

4. Comfortable Cotton Kurtis with Cropped Palazzos

Cotton Kurtis are easy to wear and extremely convenient. White Chikankari Kurtis are already making rounds on the celeb social media look-books.

Light-coloured Lakhnavi embroideries and delightful prints are some other classic options to choose from. You can pair them with flared palazzos, or pants.

The cropped palazzos are also a right choice, as they are not visible from your camera and keep you comfortably clad. So, shop online for some latest palazzo styles and make your work from home look an easy affair.

5. Solid Colored Formal Suits

This tip is perfect for men as well as women that have to dress impeccably no matter what. Most of the people in managerial positions find it hard to wear something casual or even semi-formal when they are working.

For all these people, solid-coloured formal suits are a perfect option to choose from. Women can wear summer cotton blouses (shirt blouses) under the suit jacket.

Summer blouses in light fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, and lace are perfect for workwear. Men can wear any formal shirt that goes well with the suit.

6. Cotton Blazer with Casuals

The millennials are experimental with their style and professional workwear ethics. They are making heads turn with their experiments on formal clothing and are nailing the work from the home look.

Cotton blazers and formal jackets with fronts open are some of the beautiful substitutes to the boring three-piece suits. You can pair these blazers with a casual shirt and pants and compile an impressive work from the home look.

Cotton blazers are incredibly comfortable and are low-maintenance. You can find many amazing styles to choose from in terms of fabric colours and patterns.

7. Basic Tops and Tees

Basic tops and tees are perfect for easy work from the home look. They are simple and convey the feeling of being at ease. If you have an online conference with just your team, you can easily attend that in the basic tops and tees.

If you have an urgent conference with your client or higher-ups, all you have to do is, wear a blazer over them and you are good to go. You can quickly work in these comfortable clothes and also maintain the right image.

8. The Black Shirt

The black colour instantly garners attention and makes your appearance outstanding. In fact, almost all of the working professionals have some blacktop or shirt in their office wardrobes. You can enhance your appearance in a black shirt, and it can be paired with any type of bottoms of your choice.

9. Solid colours

If you wish to wear some effortless combos, then wearing solid colours is one of the best choices. Solid-coloured tops and shirts give a distinct vibe that makes the wearer seem serious.

You can opt for standard combos such as black and olive, black and blue, white and beige or blue and beige, etc. The solid colours are classic trends that never fade away.

This completes our work from home look-book for men and women. Which one of these styles did you like the best?

We hope that all our readers find the most helpful in choosing the right work from home looks. Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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