How to Wear Mini Black 17mm Contact Lenses

How to Wear Mini Black 17mm Contact Lenses

Are you looking for something different but yet very natural looking to enhance the appearance of your eyes?  If yes, then give Mini Sclera Red 17mm Contact Lenses a try.

They can make you stand out by making your eyes pop out. You can wear them any day if you feel comfortable in looking a little different and edgy. If not, you can wear them to create creepy makeup looks and stand out on eves like Halloween and parties.

What are Mini Sclera Black 17mm Contact Lenses?

Mini Sclera Black 17mm Contact Lenses are just like any other sclera lenses and provide full eye coverage. But they are smaller in diameter as compared to the full black sclera lenses but larger than the actual diameter of the eye.

Hence, they fall somewhere in between. They make your eyes look intense and larger. Moreover, they are very comfortable to wear because of their size.

How to Wear Mini Sclera Black17mm Contact Lenses?

The real question is how to wear Mini Sclera Black17mm Contact Lenses for a mesmerizing look? Well, they aren’t very creepy, so that you can wear them with a regular and pretty makeup look.

On the other hand, you can go full creepy by apply freaky and witty makeup- the choice is all yours.

Here we have listed a few great ideas on wearing Mini Sclera Black 17mm Contact Lenses and applying makeup according to the occasion. 

The Freaky Look

If you aren’t a contact lens person, then Mini Sclera Black17mm Contact Lenses will make you feel freaky and creepy. But it has its own advantage, so don’t worry about it all!

You can wear them and get into a weirdly-good character of your choice by playing around with makeup and colours, wear Mini Sclera Black 17mm Contact Lenses, wear your hair in braids and create a scary cat-like look by painting your face. You can slip into an all-black or grey costume to polish off your look.

Holiday Look

Whenever the holiday season is around the corner, we want to start trying new things and enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

So, this year whether it is your last summer before college or its Halloween time, plan a gathering with your friends and set up a theme party, preferably a unique and scary!

Once all set, start focusing on your costume. Wear Mini Sclera Black17mm Contact Lenses, and slip into your on-point outfit. Finish off your look with the makeup of your choice, be it thrilling, exciting, or something lowkey.

The smokey look

This is an exemplary look you can create with Mini Sclera Black 17mm Contact Lenses. It is suggested that you put on your contact lenses before applying the makeup.

Start by wearing a decent quality foundation or bb cream on your skin. You can go for a tone darker than your real skin for better results. Apply silver or golden highlighter to emphasize your cheekbones and enhance your nose.

Since the eyes will be the fundamental focal point of this look, you should consummate this look early. Use dark eyeshadow intensely on the external corner of your eyes and the wrinkle.

Mix it outwards to give a smudgy look. After that, apply a dark eyeliner to the upper and lower corners and lids. Smear the eyeliner and mix it with the eyeshadow.

After that, apply eyeshadow on the edge of your eyelids. This gives an ombre impact and, whenever mixed appropriately, can do wonders for your eyes.

If you need a touch of dramatization so make your eyes look better, add glittery silver eyeshadow to the forehead bone. Finish it off with mascara and brilliant, striking lips in red. You are prepared to rock and roll at the party the night away!

Halloween Look

It is alright if you don’t want something too simple or too loud for Halloween eve. But you still just want to look different and fierce enough!

To get a mid-way look, we recommended you wear Mini Sclera Black 17mm Contact Lenses and dress up as a vampire, ghost, Dracula, or creepy doll.

You can create each of these looks with the help of these contact lenses. Just dress up according to the character and find yourself the perfect costume. The rest is to be done with makeup.

The ‘wear-all-day’ look!

If you are a compulsive worker and love to go out, or are an event or theme party host, at that point, it can turn into somewhat dubious about completing each one of your tasks and getting ready at the same time.

If you love sprucing up weirdly and blowing people’s minds at parties, then wear Mini Sclera Black 17mm Contact Lenses with light cosmetics. They can take you directly from work to the gathering!

Create a simple yet great look that you can rock the entire day. Start by applying bb cream or a foundation and mix it well to cover all the flaws or lopsided skin regions.

Polish off by cleaning with a light powder. Apply some eye concealer so that makeup can stick t it better and last longer. When it has set, apply charcoal eyeshadow on the crease.

Start from the centre and tail it out at the external edge.  Apply an apricot-hued eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes and blend it well. If you need to hold a restrained look, stretch out the apricot shadow up to the forehead bone.

And if you want a subtle look, apply a hazier shade of pink and use it merely over the crease and extend it up to the forehead and centre of eyebrows.

After that, use soft silver eyeshadow on the forehead bone and mix it well. You can broaden it up till the intersection between the eye and nose. Apply a dark eyeliner on the eyelids and lower eye line. Finish off your look with red lipstick and fake lashes.

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