How to Get Air Canada Lounge Passes

How to Get Air Canada Lounge Passes

Maple Leaf Lounge at Air Canada is an important element of the quality travel activity for travelers. The flagship airport lounge of National Airlines Canada is a common part of major Canadian airport furniture.

Across the times, you can now access such lounges at many locations by scheduling premium flights, maximizing CC benefits, or earning Aeroplan Elite.

For a deeper understanding of the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge experience during regular hours, you can check. There are many ways to enter the Maple Leaf Lounge.

This page on the Air Canada Reservations website provides a good summary; let’s go through each method one by one.

Fly in Air Canada Business Class

If you hold a valid same-day boarding pass for Air Canada or a partner’s business class flight, you can enter the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. Business-class tickets purchased in any way (i.e., directly paid fares, upgrades, or award tickets) can be accessed.

Hold a premium Aeroplan credit card.

The new premium Aeroplan credit card launched by TD, CIBC, and American Express allow unlimited access to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, which is the main advantage of the credit card.

These cards include:

  • TD Aeroplan Visa infinite privileges
  • CIBC Aeroplan Visa unlimited privileges
  • American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card
  • American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve Card

Possess Aeroplan 35K or higher

Aeroplan members who have 35K status also have unlimited access to domestic and cross-border lounges at Canadian airports and Maple Leaf lounges in the United States.

At the same time, Aeroplan 50K and above members have unlimited access to the lounge anywhere in the world; in addition, Aeroplan 50K members can also use Maple Leaf Lounges in Canada and the United States upon arrival

Use a one-time visitor pass.

Any passenger taking an Air France Reservations flight can use the Maple Leaf Lounge located in the departure area of ​​Canadian airports., And in lounges in the United States, when you have a one-time visitor pass for the Maple Leaf Lounge. There are several ways to obtain a one-time visitor pass.

Purchase the right to use the Maple Leaf Lounge

Finally, there are several ways to purchase the right to use the Maple Leaf Lounge, none of which represents a particularly good value, but they are listed here for the sake of completeness.

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