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How Self Storage Can Help You Save Money

How Self Storage Can Help You Save Money

Filling up boxes and containers with your belongings and transporting them to a new location is not a pleasant experience.

When renting a self-storage building is included in the equation, the experience becomes even more soul-crushing — and expensive. You’re now paying to keep things you won’t see or use on a regular basis.

Still, renting a storage building can be beneficial if you are in the process of moving, downsizing to a smaller apartment, or simply running out of space where you live. However, if you want to keep more money in your bank account, you must do it correctly.

Here are the best self-storage tips that’ll help you save money.

Rent the Smallest Storage Unit You Can Get Away With

If you’re renting long-term storage and don’t intend to use it frequently, you can get away with renting a smaller unit.

It’s less important to leave aisle space to access your items when you don’t have to keep going into your unit. Even if this is your plan, you should still make sure that the items you’re most likely to need are closest to the door.

Renting a Storage Building should not be taken lightly. When selecting self-storage units, it’s important to consider how small of a space you can comfortably live in.

Pack as Efficiently as Possible

It’s amazing how much extra space inefficient packing can take up.

If you’ve ever seen professional movers pack up a room, you understand the importance of proper packing for condensing items. If you take the time to pack as efficiently as possible, you’ll save money by renting a smaller unit.

It will not only take up less space in the storage unit, but it will also mean that you will not require as large a truck to make the move. It also means carrying fewer boxes! Give yourself a break in more ways than one, and don’t skimp on learning packing and organization techniques.

Use your own lock and insurance

Your self-storage facility will most likely require you to have a lock and insurance for your belongings, and if you do not have either, your storage facility may require you to purchase theirs.

By providing your own lock and insurance, you may be able to save money. Before signing up for insurance through your rental storage facility, check with your insurance agent about your coverage if you have renters or homeowners insurance.

Storage Space for Businesses

Commercial square footage is one of the most expensive expenses that business owners face. As your business expands, off-site storage provides a flexible way to store excess inventory and supplies without having to relocate to a larger facility.

Compass Self Storage in Providence, RI, provides commercial units on a month-to-month basis for your convenience. During the busiest times, our free delivery acceptance takes one more duty off your plate.

Storage Space for Downsizing

These days, many renters and homeowners are looking for small living spaces. Self-storage provides a convenient place to stash your belongings so you can move to a smaller space, whether for financial, environmental,

or lifestyle reasons. Aside from paying less in rent and utilities each month, you’ll have a cleaner, easier-to-maintain space.

Compass Self Storage Can Help You Save

A storage unit could be the answer to your space-related needs, from downsizing your home to easing growing pains at work. Choose the appropriate size unit with the assistance of our friendly staff or the size guide on our website.

You’ll appreciate the security and efficiency of our conveniently located facility, whether you’re looking for a climate-controlled unit for your valuable collection or something to accommodate an apartment’s worth of belongings.

Furthermore, features such as online payments and free moving dollies make securing storage a no-brainer.

Saving Money on Long-Term Self Storage Units is Worth the Time and Effort

If you’re just putting a few pieces in a storage unit for a month in between apartments, it might not be worth the effort to run around and try to save a few dollars.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be storing a lot of stuff for the foreseeable future, it’s definitely worth saving where you can. Monthly storage fees can quickly add up, and you’ll feel foolish if you’re paying to keep things you don’t want or that is inefficiently organized.

Save on Moving Expenses

If you or someone you know is planning a move in the near future, self-storage can help you save money by eliminating the need for expensive professional movers.

Depending on where you’re going and how far it is, you might benefit from renting a short-term self-storage unit where you can begin storing your belongings ahead of time.

You can do things at your own pace and move at your own pace this way. When it comes time to unpack, simply take the items from the storage unit and place them in your new home. Moving day will be much less stressful.

Reusable Storage

One of the main reasons we save and store our items safely is the possibility of reusing them. We hope to use them again in the future, saving us time and money.

If you don’t have enough closet or garage space at home, you might want to consider renting a small offsite storage unit to keep items you don’t need right now but hope to use in the future.

Everything from baby clothes and equipment to seasonal décor and specific pieces of furniture can fall into this category.

For example, perhaps you intend to save your baby’s outgrown clothes and stroller so that they can be used again if you decide to have another child.

Saving these items for future use will allow you to save money and get the most bang for your buck. The only real impediment to doing so is a lack of storage space.

If, on the other hand, you decide to use self-storage, you don’t have to get rid of these useful items and can instead store them safely until you need them again at a later date.

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