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How Happy Is Happy Coffee In Reality And Does It Make People Happy

How Happy Is Happy Coffee In Reality And Does It Make People Happy

Asking someone if they are happy is theoretically a straightforward question. In truth, it is the worst of all questions.

Some may not like it; some despise it, and some might even give people a knuckle sandwich for it.

But, in all honesty; let’s still ask people; are they happy? Are they happy as they could be? Let us now find out.

We will talk about happiness in terms of weight loss and also read what Happy Coffee is all about.

What is Happy Coffee?

Elevate Smart Coffee also goes by the brand name Happy Coffee. The coffee is the brainchild of Elevacity and the company’s mission is to elevate people’s loss healthy weight loss in obesity and happiness through nutritional products uniquely patented and powerful that are also value to the consumer.

Their supplement and functional beverages do seem too good to be true. There comes a question: Is happiness as close as the next cup of coffee people can have? (or hot chocolate).

Hence, lets have a look at Happy Coffee Reviews to examine the case.
Introduction to Elevacity – what is it?

Elevacity is an online company. It was made with a focus on improving people’s lives by elevating them through its products.

As stated on its website, the brand Elevacity is composed of core products based on the category of nutritional beverages.

Other product categories are supplements and unique skincare products.
Their products come under the category of nootropics.

They are drugs and/or supplements created with the purpose of enhancing cognition, amplifying mood and having a positive impact on a person’s mental skills. The company’s nootropic products are considered dietary supplements and are not considered as drugs.

Each product Elevacity develops is made carefully with a simple goal in mind: raising the happiness and well-being of customers. As they ask on their website: “Are you ready to be happier?”

Hence people can start with their next cup of coffee and be ready for loads of smiles in that very cup.

That’s right, this is the coffee of happiness. But can happiness really be as simple as a cup of coffee? Can it be as simple as caffeine blended with other mood-supporting nutrients and ingredients? Let’s read on to find out.

What does Happy Coffee do to people?

It is often perceived as a drug, but in reality, it isn’t. Nootropics are sort of medicinal stuff which is relatively safe for consumption.

To find out why is it the coffee of happiness, let us read some facts about it and what it does to people. What effects it brings and how does it make people happy.

It raises the level of the reward hormone, dopamine

Whenever people are worried, they need something that gives them a zing. That can come from a brownie.

That zing can also come from a bunch of people who love someone’s Instagram post. These feelings can raise the level of dopamine and so can happy coffee.

The bonding hormone oxytocin’s level improves

The feelings oxytocin triggers are something unique; the time when people fall in love with their own newborn and the time a lady gets her special snuggle time with her own man, kids or other loved ones. This hormone plays a role in combating stress and addiction.

The relief hormones, Endorphins; are triggered

Endorphins are good stuff produced by the human body. They help relieve stress and pain. Other than that, they also help make people feel euphoric (without having to worry about either addiction or overdose).

Those who do not know what is a runner high; They should know that they are in luck because it is basically endorphins at work in full gear.
The great regulating hormone, Serotonin, becomes active

Serotonin helps regulate mood, appetite, social behaviour, desire, memory and of course, sleep. This helps improve mood.


It does sound too good to be true. Yet, it is true and Elevates Coffee (aka Happy Coffee) certainly is not a drug at all.

It also is no adverse substance as it helps improve mood, metabolism and overall health. Hence, sit back and enjoy your delicious Happy Coffee without any hesitation.

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