Failed to Verify Username in Minecraft

Failed to Verify Username in Minecraft

Most Minecraft players face the same problem – they were unable to verify their username. This error is not so easy to solve due to the fact that there can be many reasons for its appearance. Later in the article, we will look at different fix options. Therefore, read it to the end.

Causes of the “Failed to verify username” error

Third-party and hacked games have a significant drawback – lack of opportunity to play online. Because authorization on the official servers takes place using the license code that is issued to the user upon purchase.

But in the case of Minecraft, this is not a problem, since today there are many unofficial servers where you can play with friends.

Often an error, when for some reason it is not possible to verify the username, occurs due to different versions of the game or when updating the client.

Sometimes the servers themselves change the access policy, in connection with which players have problems with the game. Each server also has its own rules for entering characters.

Forms for user authorization can be case-sensitive or not. In this regard, it is necessary to adhere to the correct spelling of capital and small letters in the username and password.

Minecraft Authorization Problem Solver

Very often, players themselves make mistakes when entering their Minecraft account. They write in the wrong layout or forget to add characters. They are also confused with the case of letters: when you need to write Name, write name, etc.

Check your username and password again carefully. Make sure you enter the name correctly, in the correct case. Only after that try to log in if you have already done this before.

It is necessary to clarify one more detail – if you did not buy Minecraft and are trying to log into the official game servers, then nothing will work.

The game will return a notification “Bad login“. To play Minecraft, you need to look for unofficial servers, create a username and password on them, and log in.

Specify in the server support at the expense of the register during authorization. Or create a username and password in small or large letters.

This rule can cause login errors for those who like nicknames with a lot of numbers. Also, try to update the game so that its version is up to date.

Other methods for resolving a Minecraft username error

If you use a non-licensed game and unofficial servers for playing Minecraft, an error may appear for the reason that certain mods are missing.

Without them, the game will not work. And various notifications may appear in notifications, including “Failed to verify your Minecraft username.” For hacked games, there are different ways to play online.

Try temporarily disabling anti-virus programs on your computer. If you did not install additional antivirus, Windows Firewall can block games.

How to change the name in Minecraft

  1. Next, you need to log in to the site with current data;
  2. After that, you will be taken to your profile with the data that you entered during registration. Find the ” Edit / Delete Account ” button below ;
  3. On the next page, you can change your email, password or login. Select the appropriate item and follow the prompts.

In the same way, you can change the password and mail from your Minecraft account. This can help to avoid the “Failed to verify the username” error when entering the Minecraft game if you change your username to use wow name generator and log in again. After changing this data, do not immediately contact the game. Try to authorize after 5-10 minutes.

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