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Boost Your Social Media Posts with These 10 Design Principles

Boost Your Social Media Posts with These 10 Design Principles

In traditional advertising, a good design is usually created to enhance the product and is specifically done in the last days before the launch. This trend of advertising is very different from the current modern advertising trends.

The professional social media post designer suggests that they benefit from the internet to which customers are primarily attached.

These design principles consist of various strategies that would boost your visual content and allow you to create engaging social media posts. This short guide gathers 10 design principles to boost your social media posts.

1. Use Visual Hierarchy

The professional social media post designer uses visual hierarchy to help your audience comprehend information precisely and quickly. Gestalt theory tells that humans tend to distinguish an entirety of objects before they detect the individual object.

With the help of various structured visual characteristics like size, colour, repetition, texture, contrast, proximity, alignment, etc., social media post designers can ensure users’ eyes follow certain reading paths and divert the users’ attention to the most important elements.

2. Put Your Logo Consistently

To boost your social media posts, try and keep the positioning and size of your company logo consistent for most of your graphics. If you want to adjust it to fit a specific design, make sure it’s purposely positioned to the right, left, or centre.

The logo should never overpower your design, but it is also crucial that it is not too small. The professional social media post designer determines your logo’s minimum size and adds the requirements to your visual style guide. 

3. Keep It Clear

Your professional social media post designer, never overdo the design and keep the balance between simplicity and informativeness. You don’t have enough time to impress your followers. Therefore make sure that your message is obvious.

Visual graphics are an essential part of any social media marketing plan, and the designer’s contribution to the success of the marketing strategy is undeniable.

So, as a social media post designer, it is your responsibility to take into account marketing goals and the tone of your company when developing any visuals for social media platforms. 

4. Use Fonts That Reflect Your Identity

Fonts bring the message life to your design. Social media images are great ways to branch out from your usual brand fonts.

For instance, an uppercase and a cursive font would perfectly fit longer sections of text on a website. Social media design helps you to get creative with your font collections. Remember one important thing, whatever fonts you choose, ensure you apply them consistently.

5. Good Contrast Attracts More

Negative or white space is the best way to make your image stand out. Contrast attracts the eyes and is also applied with fonts, colours, size, alignment, etc. Using colour, you can easily implement contrast into your posts. 

6. Utilize The Consistent layouts

The professional social media post designer can create a series of the post using consistent layouts. These are some of the best ways to engage your followers, as they look familiar every time you post them on your social media platforms. Make sure that layouts are designed with a common theme in mind.

7. Consistently Use You’re The Color of Your Brand

Colours are the most powerful tool for social media because they provide a great way to convey mood and meaning without words.

The selection of colour and branding is dedicated art. Therefore, choose brand colours that speak to your personality and focus. Once you choose your brand colour palette that should consist of more than one colour.

8. Prioritize Images Over Text

People are more likely to respond to photographs on social media than text updates because they are easier to digest. Therefore, a professional social media post designer takes advantage of visual elements and only uses text when necessary. 

9. Place Background Images with Clear Copy Space

Placing the text in areas with clear copy space will help to improve the legibility of your social media post design and help you get your message across.

To create more copy space within an image professional social media post designer enlarge and crop it, which will provide your text with more room to breathe.

10. Add Filters To Enhance Your Brand Identity

Whether posting images using social media or utilizing them as backgrounds in your designs, using a filter can give them a distinctive look and feel.

Some filters will brighten your images, while others will bring out certain colours. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear idea about how you want your images to look.


The contemporary marketers put together and incorporate excellent design into the campaign early on in the process of marketing. The professional social media post designer uses these tips to create the most attractive web design for your business.

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