Best Institute for CA Intermediate Account Study Material

Best Institute for CA Intermediate Account Study Material

ICAI ( The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) a statutory body, regulates and maintains a course of 4.5 years duration for commerce students which is the highest profession for commerce students and every commerce student wants to pursue and get success in it.

But as the duration of the course is long and the study of the CA course is very challenging. The hierarchy of course is that It has been divided into three steps by ICAI.

The first step is the CA foundation then CA Intermediate and last is the CA Final. The syllabus and the time limit is set for every step.

CA course is the finest combination of logical statistical skill study. It demands very dedicated and hard-working students who can justify the course requirements,

Because all the subjects of the CA course are very crucial for the CA aspirants, let it be foundation subjects, Intermediate subjects, or final subjects.

Like CA foundation crucial subjects, CA Intermediate also has challenging subjects such as Accounting, Law, Taxation, financial management, etc. Accounting is a very tough subject for non-commerce students. As it is known that so many non-commerce students get enrolled every year for CA Intermediate.

But CA coaching institute teaching techniques have made it easy for every  CA Intermediate enrolled aspirants. Now Accounting is known for its easiness and marks obtaining subject.

Moreover, if you get proper coaching and learn the strategies of Accounting then it will help you to cover the aggregate percentage from the Accounting paper.

So it is a must to join the Best institute for CA Intermediate Account Study Material.VSI is best to make you learn about the tactics of Accounting.

Insight of Accounting paper

Accounting is a very scoring subject and it helps students to cover their aggregate percentage from Accounting papers. The topic of the Accounting paper is

  1.  Accounting standard
  2.  Preparation and presentation of financial statements,
  3.  Companies accounts,
  4.  Accounting for special transactions
  5.  Special type of accounting,
  6.  Partnership account.

As an Accounting standard, considered is one the most important and easy topics as well as the formation of IND, AS, and FIRS, concepts vs. adoption, objective and concepts of carve-outs.

It covers the topic on redemptions of preferences shares, debenture, preparation for the financial statesman and cash flow statements, and AS-22 is covered.

Accounting for bonus issue and right issue, managerial remuneration, Accounting standard topic covers 20 marks.

 You will find a question in the examination related to amalgamations in your Accounting paper which lies between 8 -16 marks.

Accounting for incomplete records and partnership Accounts cover on average 8 marks each.

Hire purchase covers an average of 5 marks. So one must need well-planned strategies to study Accounting.

Let”s explore the strategies for CA intermediate Accounting Paper vie VSI

VSI study plan for Accounting

VSI keeps their students updated with revised schedules And gets a prepared balance sheet from the revised method of accounting as companies’ accounts are covering a good weightage in your exam.

VSI, first clear the basic term and concept of accounting and combine theory and numerical questions that help to understand the concept well. And pressurize students in a healthy way to use the calculator shortcuts efficiently.

So according to weightage topics, VSI prepares Mock test paper series and question papers for thorough study.

The questions are solvable and stepwise marking is awarded in typical and lengthy questions. And also prepare compilers for theoretical study and give solve questions as manuals and scanners.

Apart from ICAI mock test papers and previous year question papers, solving VSI CA intermediate mock test papers are equally helpful. They will help you recognize and work on weaker topics of concern.

Solving the latest mock test papers will surely play a major role in achieving excellent marks and ranks in your upcoming exam.

These papers are designed and prepared by VSI experts and trusted by rank holders.

Recommended books for Accounting by VSI

  • For the Accounting paper, VSI recommends
    • M.P. Vijay Kumar, (The chief Financial officer at Sify Technologies Ltd) ‘s ‘’The first Lessons in Accounting sessions’’
    •  P.C Tulsian,( The head of the department of the University of Delhi)’s Accountancy for IPCC group-1 and D.S Rawat and Deepti Maheshwari‘s book.

All the books which VSI recommends for their Students are after great research by their expertise of subjects. And the teaching techniques of VSI is also recommendable

 All are very much helpful books to cover Accounting in an effective way.

VSI-Result Orientedness  

VSI is known for its result orientedness. It is very progressive in delivering updated and skilled learning to their students let it via online classes

or updated study material it all is perfect and fulfill the requirements of students.VSI closely follows the ICAI updation and always be first to provide information to students.

Even in its Mock test paper series, MCQs papers and Questions paper covers exam oriented topics.  


VSI is a brand in CA Intermediate study. It is the best institute for not only Accounting but also all subjects of CA intermediate.

VSI faculty members are very dedicated to the best learning process for their students.

They give their best to sort out the queries and difficulties of students. That’s why VSI generates record-breaking results every year.

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