Battlefield V Full Review in 2020

Battlefield V Full Review in 2020

PUBG and other Battle Royale games that managed for the first time to attract many players to it and the Battle of Duty star and Call of Duty began to fade away slowly, this year Call of Duty is very different from what we used to be able to attract more of its fans again, and even attracted fans of other games –

And I am one of them – to her for the first time, but with all this she was directing attention to Battlefield and will she be able to renew herself again to suit the requirements of the current time and return to the competition strongly, well let me say from the beginning that Battlefield failed in this but it remains fun, do you want to know the reasons?! I will list it for you through the review.

A strong story with a weak design:

Battlefield V followed the same style of success of Battlefield 1 in terms of the story, as the game tells the story in the style of short war stories that extend for about two hours for each story,

but this time the game comes with only three war stories instead of 5 stories in addition to the introduction that You know the world of World War II with the mechanisms of the game, and the game presented war stories in a beautiful narrative style,

Infact it is not dubbed this time, unlike the last part, and it appears that this is due to the developer’s desire to provide war stories without dubbing and in the original language of each army,

you will find the Germans They speak German and French language French and so on, which makes you integrate into the world of the story stronger and better.

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Unfortunately, despite the game’s introduction to strong stories and making you eager to know the end of each story with some influential moments, the design of the stages and levels was not of the same quality,

and I was disappointed that Dice Studio did not take advantage of the game’s distinguished world, especially in the optimized story phase, as most of the stages fool On your infiltration and attempting to surprise the opponent or storm a certain area, and each story is divided into two parts, the first part is with your companion,

whether your team leader or your friend or any other person and in the second part you carry out a task on your own divided into three different places, which makes you bored and you know In advance what will be required You have to do without any surprises, and worse still,

most of the story’s tasks, which take about 5 or 6 hours to finish it completely, will run by you and will not use tanks, planes, or otherwise, except in some simple times that do not exceed a few minutes.

But in return, the game gives you some freedom to perform the tasks as you wish, for example, you can use snipers to snipe your most important enemies from afar, use a silencer pistol, or play the role of Rambo and enter the base, armed with machine guns and bombs, to eliminate them –

but this will not usually work – But it is important that your mission is done successfully in whatever way. But as we know, a few category is concerned with the story development in the Battlefield games, because the main focus of the game currently is the multiplayer phase, and Battlefield V offers almost the same content expected from any game for Battlefield, where the game comes with traditional modes such as occupation, Team Deathmatch, control And the front lines in addition to the mode of operations, which comes in a different way this time, as you play every day in a specific process based on the outcome of the operation that you played on the previous day .. And so on.

But what I felt like this time and never felt in any part of the series before – including the disastrous release of Battlefield 4 – is my first feel that I’m playing an early version of an incomplete game yet, the game is full of grave technical errors, affecting the game and not just Movement errors, for example, in one of the front lines matches,

I was part of the defense team, and the attacking team exhausted all his attempts and the time has passed and while I wait for the emergence of a victory screen, I find myself playing in an endless game and spent about an additional half an hour hoping that the match will end, but it continued until Almost infinite until I had to get out of the C River manually,

such errors should not be found in a game the size of Battlefield which is one of the biggest releases in the world of Shutter, I can expect such errors from PUBG for example and accept them but I will not accept them from Battlefield.

But far from these mistakes, there are some welcome additions to the style of play, so now any member of the team can revive the rest of his team without needing to be from the paramedic class, but the paramedic can revive anyone from inside or outside the team,

Also in the game you can now build fortifications, whether large sandbags or barbed wire and other defense means that help you to defend certain areas better, and also the killing time has become faster than it is difficult for you to know who is shooting you before trying to defend yourself,

and also you will not Health level is restored automatically You must obtain several first aid kits from your location on the map or from a paramedic.

The game comes with a big weapons list of up to 40 different weapons and in fact I enjoyed using them this time about Battlefield 1 which was the biggest problem I faced with it is the difficulty of the big weapons and the difficulty of controlling them,

but in Battlefield V the weapons became better performance, and as we know each category can use Certain types of weapons, but for the first time in the history of the series,

I find pleasure in trying all types of categories, especially snipers, which was the most difficult category in the past for me, and you can add accessories of course to weapons once you open it and it will not require you anything additional, which is another positive point in it.

There are many vehicles and aircraft in Battlefield V as well, but I still do not know why the giant vehicles or what was called the special forces that were present in Battlefield 1 and that were automatically added in the game to the losing team as a last attempt to re-compete again were abandoned again. It really affects the outcome of the final match.

In my opinion, these giant vehicles were one of the positive points in Battlefield 1. The game also offers eight different maps. In fact, what I liked most is the map of twisted steel and the Hamada Desert, but the map design in general is good but as I said it is full of brother Technical DONC like a preliminary version of the game.

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