Academic Envy in Premed and Medical school – overcoming it

Academic Envy in Premed and Medical school – overcoming it

A lot of premeds can identify with this feeling. A friend of theirs would come to them and tell them how existed they are about winning a scholarship.

Med school students can feel envious when their friend, colleague, or peer would get their paper published (Windsor Medical School).

They would congratulate them and feel good for them at first on some levels. But there comes a level where they start feeling academic envy, an awful feeling making them both premed and med students feel helpless and low.

They often end up wondering what if they did something like that? Why couldn’t they do it? And when can they do it, if they can?

Is life a marathon, a journey, or a rat race? Life is a journey. Problem is, no human was raised in a way of feeling happy for others.

Each parent tries a lot in pressurizing kids to perform better than others. This results in a psychological burnout that harms their adult life.

Despite the topic discussed openly to change attitudes, only 3 quarters of families understand this.

Do premeds feel this envy more than med students, or is the situation equal?

Premeds do feel envy and so do med students. Anyone can in fact feel it at any stage in their life and pre-medical courses for students.

It should not be a normal feeling to have but in reality, it is. In environments where competition is high and a lot of high achievers are present, it often feels like one has to do much better than them or at least keep up with them.

When someone achieves something, others can feel jealous, resentful, or even both. They even become fearful that they may not reach the achiever’s level at any point. If the achievement was based on nepotism, it spells hopelessness for many.

Success’s levels and benchmarks (including the definition) can be made by people themselves.

However, in an environment which is become competitive yet stressful, it can result in many suffering cardiac and stress problems which can threaten the health of many. Students face the same.

Here are some ways that feeling can be countered:

One must remind themselves that no life is perfect

It can be easy to think that others have a good life and they have wanted one wants. The feeling of envy can jump right in.

Yes, some people have really good lives but not everyone has a perfect life. Their struggle may not be as visible as what they achieve and attain.

Some people’s struggles are more visible than their achievements and feats. No one has everything figured out.

People should keep their sights in their own lane

What other people are doing should not affect them in the truest sense. People have their own lives.

Everyone faces unique challenges, they have their own talent, intellect and resources. This can make it impossible to have one’s life compared with others.

No one can compare their success with others and how they utilized their resources in comparison to others. Best is people should do best with what they have and they should not measure themselves against others.

Swimmers often glance around to see who is around them. Students are not swimmers, they are like journey people who should keep the eyes on their own road instead of bringing them down.

Success should be recognized as a resource that is not expendable

Just because a person succeeded does not necessarily mean others have to fail (however the stress of GPA and grades makes it feel otherwise). There are many different kinds of success out there.

No one should pull another one’s legs. Success of one can in fact help encourage the same in the other.

Students should remind themselves that no one is evaluating their life

Sometimes it may feel that one is the spotlight and everyone has their eyes on them as if the world revolves around them. They feel as if they are watched and judged. However, in reality nobody cares what the other does. Everyone lives their lives.

Even those who do are not adept at what life is. They fall down and burn because of their own negative antics.

People spend time thinking about themselves instead of others. One should do their best and be happy. Enjoying life as a journey helps combat stress nicely.

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